Rebel Yell (song)

Rebel Yell (song)

Infobox Single
Name = Rebel Yell

Caption =
Artist = Billy Idol
from Album = Rebel Yell
A-side =
B-side =
Released = January 1984
Format = Vinyl (7" and 12")
Recorded = Studio A, Electric Lady Studios, New York City
Genre = Rock
Length = 3:43
Label = Chrysalis Records
Writer = Billy Idol & Steve Stevens
Producer = Keith Forsey
Certification =
Last single = "White Wedding" (1982)
This single = "Rebel Yell" (1984)
Next single = "Eyes Without a Face" (1984)
Misc = Audiosample
Upper caption = Audio sample
Audio file = Rebel Yell by Billy Idol.ogg

"Rebel Yell" is the first song on the Billy Idol album of the same name. When first released in 1984, it charted outside the UK Top 40, but a re-issue in 1985 reached #6. It did not fare as well in the US, only reaching #46.


According to Billy Idol at a televised performance of "VH1 Storytellers", the idea of a song thus entitled came to him at an event he once attended, where Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones were taking swigs of a "Rebel Yell" bottle of bourbon whiskey, a brand unknown to him, the name of which he liked; Billy decided and stated that he would set off to write a "Rebel Yell" song.

The song was co-written by guitarist Steve Stevens. The instrumental introduction, which sounds like a combination of electric guitar and electronic keyboard, is performed by Stevens on guitar alone, who intended it to sound this way. Stevens states that he was inspired by acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke's style. cite web|url= |title=Classic Tracks: Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" |accessdate=2007-03-15 |last=Reesman |first=Bryan |date=2006-06-01 |work=Mix Magazine |publisher=Penton Media, inc ]

Other versions

The song has been covered by HIM, Children of Bodom, Kill Hannah, Dope, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pipedown, Quintaine Americana, Cybercide, Bullets & Octane, Discipline, Scooter and several other artists / bands. Drowning Pool have frequently played it live on their 2007 tour, and is featured on their CD, "Full Circle". "" contestants Lukas Rossi and Toby Rand also sang the song. In one of the memorable moments of the competition, Rand invited several random women from the audience up onto the stage to sing and dance with him. As an interesting note, there is also a version for marching band.

In 2007, Finnish symphonic power metal band Northern Kings consisting of singers and musicians from four well known bands including Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Charon covered the song on their debut album "Reborn".

The song was satirized by "Sesame Street" with a Muppet version called "Rebel L".

In Popular Culture

* The song was featured in the 1988 comedy "Big" when Josh and Billy are in their apartment hanging out, the song's Music video is playing.
* The song was featured in a 2004 Blockbuster commercial promoting no late fees.
*The song was referenced in the 2007 Against Me! single Thrash Unreal, from the album "New Wave."
* The song was featured in a 2008 Comcast commercial where the family is having an outside reunion and when the man's wife asks him something, the husband responds with the song playing the lyrics "More, More More".
*The song was confirmed to be in Guitar Hero World Tour.
* The song was featured in the 1985 drama The Legend of Billie Jean.

cooter cover

Infobox Single
Name = Rebel Yell

Cover size =
Border =
Caption =
Artist = Scooter
Album = Our Happy Hardcore
A-side =
B-side = "Euphoria"
Released = May 9 1996 [ [ Scooter Discography - Rebel Yell]]
Format = CD single
CD maxi
12" maxi
Recorded = 1996
Genre = Happy hardcore
Length = 3:40
Label = Club Tools
Scorpio Music
Writer = Billy Idol
Steve Stevens
Producer = H. P. Baxxter
Rick J. Jordan
Jens Thele
Ferris Bueller
Audio sample? =
Certification =
Last single = "Let Me Be Your Valentine"
This single = "Rebel Yell"
Next single = "I'm Raving"
Misc =

In 1996, the song was covered by the German dance band Scooter. It was released as the third single of their second album, "Our Happy Hardcore".

Track listings

;CD-Maxi - Germany [ [ Scooter - Rebel Yell]]
# "Rebel Yell" (Radio Edit) (3:40)
# "Rebel Yell" (Extended Mix) (4:44)
# "Euphoria" (3:57)

; 12"-Maxi - Germany [ [ Scooter - Rebel Yell]]
# "Rebel Yell" (Extended Mix) (4:44)
# "Stuttgart (4:52)
# "Euphoria" (3:57)

; CD-Single - France [ [ Scooter - Rebel Yell]]
# "Rebel Yell" (Radio Edit) (3:40)
# "Euphoria" (3:57)

;12-Maxi - France [ [ Yell]]
# "Rebel Yell" (Extended Mix) (4:44)
# "Rebel Yell" (Radio Edit) (3:40)
# "Euphoria" (3:57)

;CD-Maxi - Australia [ [ Scooter - Rebel Yell & Let Me Be Your Valentine]]
# "Rebel Yell" (Radio Edit) (3:40)
# "Let Me Be Your Valentine" (Edit) (3:47)
# "Rebel Yell" (Extended mix) (4:44)
# "Euphoria" (3:57)
# "Let Me Be Your Valentine" (The Complete Work) (5:42)
# "Eternity" (5:19)
# "Silence Of T.1210 MKII" (1:31)



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