Human Genome Sciences

Human Genome Sciences

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Human Genome Sciences (nasdaq|HGSI) is a biopharmaceutical corporation founded in 1992. Its stated purpose is to "discover, develop, manufacture and market innovative drugs that serve patients with unmet medical needs, with a primary focus on protein and antibody drugs." The company focuses on drug development, as well as drug discovery and currently (as of 2008) has a pipeline of novel compounds in clinical development, including drugs to treat such diseases as hepatitis C, lupus, anthrax disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and HIV/AIDS. It has historically pursued collaborations with other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, for development partnerships and technology licensing [HUMAN GENOME SCIENCES ANNOUNCES 2008 GOALS AND REPORTS SUBSTANTIAL PROGRESS TOWARD COMMERCIALIZATION AT JPMORGAN HEALTHCARE CONFERENCE] .

HGSI currently has three (3) drugs in Phase III human testing: LymphoStat-B (belimumab) for lupus, Albuferon for Hepatitis C, and Abthrax (raxibacumab) for anthrax disease. Results of the various human studies are to be reported starting in late 2008. Belimumab is being developed with Glaxo SmithKline [ HGS Press Release, 2005 ] , Albuferon is being developed with Novartis [ HGS Press Release, 2006 ] , and Abthrax is the subject of a contract with the US Government under Project BioShield [ HGS Press Release, June 20, 2006 ] .

Its facilities in Rockville, Maryland earned its architect—Davis Carter Scott, Ltd.—an award from the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties. The Association cited the glass walls, atrium, and uniform design of all the buildings as reasons for the award.

The company was founded by William A. Haseltine, a noted Harvard professor and AIDS researcher. HGS had a partnership for several years after its founding with Craig Venter and his non-profit TIGR to begin sequencing and submitting patents on hundreds of thousands of protein-encoding DNA fragments. In 2000, Haseltine said that his work "speeds up biological discovery a hundredfold, easily." He talked of finding in genes "the fountain of youth" in the form of "cellular replacement" therapies. More than $2 billion in investments was raised by the company by 1999-2000. Two initial drugs failed in clinical trials, and the stock share price declined from its highs. For example, in September 2000, the company reported that it had found a way to treat large, painful sores that often plague elderly patients, using a protein spray called repifermin, made by a human gene called keratinocyte growth factor-2. In February 2004, the company said that it was ending the development of repifermin because it showed no more benefit than a placebo in clinical trials.

In late 2004, HGS announced Haseltine's retirement and named H. Thomas Watkins the new President and CEO.


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