List of county routes in Sullivan County, New York

List of county routes in Sullivan County, New York


The following is a list of county routes in Sullivan County, New York, in the United States. The county highway system, maintained by the Sullivan County highway department, is composed of roughly 140 routes arranged across the county in groups of nine. For the most part, state routes in Sullivan County are county-maintained and co-signed with county routes. However, the converse is not true; that is, not all county routes overlap state routes for their entire length. Typically, each series consists of county routes along a single roadway, often overlapping with state highways in the process. The lowest numbered route in the system is 11; the highest is 183C. Note that routes 160 through 169 do not conform to any style, and coincidentally the 170 through 179 series (with the exception of the spur designated 174A) follows the pre-expressway routing of New York State Route 17.

Routes 1–49

Barryville to Claryville (11–19)

The Barryville to Claryville series encompasses county routes 11 through 17 and 19, the non-suffixed of which form a continuous roadway between the two communities, passing through Liberty in between. Most of the routes are concurrent to New York State Route 55, which follows the Barryville-Claryville route from Barryville north to Curry. At Curry, CR 19 splits from NY 55 to access Claryville.

The lone suffixed route in the series, CR 11A, is a spur to New York State Route 97 from CR 11 in Barryville.

Barryville to Narrowsburg (21–26)

The Barryville to Narrowsburg series encompasses county routes 21 through 26. County routes 21 through 23 form a continuous roadway north to an intersection with NY 97 near Narrowsburg. After a portion of roadway solely occupied by NY 97, then NY 52/NY 97, CR 24 begins at the western terminus of the NY 52/NY 97 overlap and runs concurrent to NY 52 to the Pennsylvania state line.

CR 25 is a connector between NY 52 and NY 97 near Narrowsburg. CR 26 runs from the CR 22/CR 23 junction northeast to NY 55/CR 13 near Bethel. CR 21A is a spur to NY 97 from CR 21 in Barryville.

Mongaup to Yulan (31–33)

The Mongaup to Yulan series is only county routes 31 through 33, as routes 34 through 39 do not currently exist within the county. The roadway begins as CR 31 at NY 97 in Mongaup and continues to the northwest as CR 31, CR 32, and CR 33 to a junction with CR 21 and CR 22 in Yulan.

Pond Eddy to Monticello (41–49)

The Pond Eddy to Monticello series is made up of county routes 41 through 45 and 47 through 49, including CR 45A. The Pond Eddy-Monticello roadway begins at NY 97 in Pond Eddy and progresses north as county routes 41 through 45, from south to north, to a terminus at New York State Route 42 south of Monticello.

CR 47 is a spur off CR 32 from Eldred to Highland Lake. The route itself does not connect to any other route in the Pond Eddy-Monticello series; however, the unnumbered Mohican Lake Road continues east from the eastern terminus of CR 47 to intersect CR 42 near Glen Spey. CR 48 and CR 49 are designations for a connector that joins CR 43 and CR 44 in Fowlerville to Orange CR 7. CR 48 spans the segment from Fowlerville to CR 101; CR 49 covers the portion from CR 101 to the Orange County line. CR 45A is a short alternate route between CR 45 and NY 42 near Monticello.

Routes 50–99

Liberty to Spring Glen (51–59)

The Liberty to Spring Glen series consists of county routes 51 through 59. County routes 51 through 55 follow a single roadway across eastern Sullivan County from Liberty to the Ulster County line, with a brief gap between CR 53 and CR 54 in Woodridge. In Ulster County, the road continues as the short CR 80, terminating at U.S. Route 209 in Spring Glen.

CR 56 is a connector between CR 54 and CR 172 near Mamakating Park. County routes 57 and 58, collectively Glen Wild Road, connect Woodridge to New York State Route 17 in Rock Hill. CR 59 is a connector between New York State Route 17B and CR 174 near Monticello and does not connect to any other route in the Liberty-Spring Glen series.

New Vernon to Burlingham (61–65)

The New Vernon to Burlingham series, consists of routes 61–65. CR 62 (Winterton Road) runs from the Orange County line near New Vernon, to Bloomingburg, where it is also known as South Road within the village limits. CR 65 (Upper Road) runs west from an intersection with CR 62 then south (Mountain Road) to the Orange County line heading towards Otisville, New York where it continues as Orange County CR 90 (Old Mountain Road). CR 61 (Buttonwood Road) runs from an intersection with CR 62 west and then south (Skylark Road) to connect back to CR 65. CR 63 (Campbell Road) runs east from an intersection with CR 62, then turns back west (Bronner Road) to reconnect to CR 62. A now closed bridge across the Shawangunk Kill used to connect to Hubbard Road in Orange County. CR 61 runs from Bloomingburg, where it begins as North Road, then becomes Burlingham Road outside the village limit, to the Ulster County line, where it continues as Ulster County CR 7 to NY Route 52.

Mongaup Valley to Liberty (71–75)

The route from Mongaup Valley to Liberty consists of the 70 series. Routes 71–73 consist of one roadway. The 71 portion is called Ferndale Road, while the 72–73 portion is known as Lt. J.G. Brender Highway. Between them, they run from NY 55/CR 15, to Crumley Road, a local road. CR's 74 and 75 conform, but are not connected to each other.

Routes 100 and up

Routes 161–168

Unlike most numerical groupings in Sullivan County, the county routes numbered from 161 to 168 (161–164, 166, 166A, and 168 in actuality) do not form a series nor are most of them related. The designations are as follows:

  • CR 161 connects CR 173 (at NY 17 exit 107) in Thompson to New York State Route 42 in Fallsburg.
  • CR 162 is a spur off CR 166 in Mamakating that provides access to Yankee Lake and ends at Pine Kill Road.
  • CR 163 is a designation for the portion of Pine Kill Road in Mamakating between a point north of Rhodes Road and the Orange County line, where it continues as County Route 61. In between, CR 163 has a brief overlap with U.S. Route 209.
  • CR 164 serves as a connector between New York State Route 17B and New York State Route 52 in the town of Delaware.
  • CR 166 is a route connecting CR 162 to NY 17 exit 112 in Mamakating. It merges into NY 17 eastbound at its east end. CR 166 was the routing of NY 17 from 1924 to the 1930s.[1][2][3]
    • CR 166A (Masten Lake Crossover Road) is a 0.26-mile (0.42 km)[4] long connector highway that links CR 166 and CR 172 to NY 17 exit 112.
  • CR 168 serves mostly an access road between New York State Route 97 and Minisink Battlefield County Park in Highland. It also has an overlap with NY 97 for 50 yards (46 m) that allows it to cross the Delaware River on the Roebling Aqueduct. The route ends at the New York – Pennsylvania border in the middle of the river and connects to Pennsylvania Route 590 by way of Lackawaxen Scenic Drive.

Roscoe to Bloomingburg (171–179)

Map of Sullivan County and vicinity with CR 171 through CR 179A highlighted in red

The Roscoe to Bloomingburg series is made up of county routes 171 through 176, 178, and 179, plus three spur routes. All eight mainline routes are mostly continuous and collectively extend from the Delaware County line northwest of Roscoe to the Bloomingburg village line just west of the Orange County line. In between, the route serves Liberty, Monticello, and Wurtsboro via locally-maintained highways as the county designations end at the village limits. The series parallels the New York State Route 17 expressway for its entire length and also runs along the southern boundary of Catskill Park from Livingston Manor to the Delaware County line. The designations are split as follows, in numerical order and in southeast–northwest progression:

  • CR 171 – Bloomingburg western village line to Wurtsboro eastern village line
  • CR 172 – Wurtsboro western village line to NY 17 exit 110 westbound
  • CR 173 – NY 17 exit 108 eastbound to Monticello eastern village line
    • CR 173A is a spur of CR 173 that connects CR 173 to the westbound ramps for NY 17 exit 106.
  • CR 174 – NY 17 exit 104 westbound to Liberty town line (becomes New York State Route 17B at exit 104)
    • CR 174A is a one-way spur of CR 174 that links the westbound off-ramp of NY 17 exit 104 to CR 174.
  • CR 175 – Liberty town line to Liberty southern village line
  • CR 176 – Liberty northern village line to NY 17 (future exit 98) in Parksville
  • CR 178 – NY 17 exit 97 eastbound to south of NY 17 overpass in Livingston Manor
  • CR 179 – south of NY 17 overpass in Livingston Manor to New York State Route 206 (CR 91) and CR 179A near Roscoe (part overlaps NY 206)
    • CR 179A is a spur of CR 179 that connects CR 179 to the Delaware County line, where it becomes County Route 17.

Most of the eight mainline routes and CR 179A were originally designated as part of NY 17 in 1924.[1] In the vicinity of Wurtsboro, however, NY 17 initially followed modern CR 166.[5][6] It was realigned between 1935 and 1938 to use what is now CR 172 instead.[2][3] Construction began in the early 1950s on a new limited-access alignment for NY 17 through Sullivan County.[7][8] Over the next 10 years, NY 17 was realigned to follow the freeway as new sections of it opened up. By 1962, all of the modern Quickway from Parksville to Bloomingburg was complete and open to traffic.[9] The highway was extended north to Livingston Manor (exit 96) by 1964[10] and completed through Sullivan County by 1968.[11]

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