Seraph (band)

Seraph (band)

Infobox musical artist
Name = Seraph
Img_capt = Side 1 was Seraph, and side 2 was the band Urgent Cry.
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Genre = Christian rock
Years_active = 1989–1995
Label = Big Toe Records

Seraph was a Christian rock band from the early 90's based in Memphis, Tennessee. The band was first formed around 1989, and played several shows around the Midsouth area. They were the opening act for several big name Christian rock bands of the era, like Guardian and Mortal. In 1994, they were signed to Big Toe Records. They released a split EP with labelmates Urgent Cry; each band contributing 4 songs each.
Seraph split up during the early half of 1995. A year later, the lead singer, John Cooper, went on to form the Grammy nominated band Skillet with Ken Steorts (guitarist for Urgent Cry).

Band Members

*John Cooper - lead vocals
*Mike Salopek - lead guitar
*Matt Browning - keyboards and vocals
*Erik Stone - bass guitar
*Randall Littleton - drums


*Silence E.P. (Big Toe Records, 1994)
Seraph recorded only one album for Big Toe Records. It was recorded at the Warehouse Studios in Memphis, TN, and it was co-produced by Ken Steorts (guitarist for Urgent Cry / Skillet). This album was a split release between Seraph and Urgent Cry. Side 1 contained four songs by Seraph, and side 2 contained four songs by Urgent Cry (their 4 songs were recorded and produced by Jimi Jamison from Survivor). It had a limited release on both CD and cassette.
Side 1 Track Listing for the Silence E.P. :
1. Alone
2. Silence
3. Wild Honey
4. Fading Love

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