Libertarian Republican

Libertarian Republican

A libertarian Republican (LR) is a person who subscribes to libertarian philosophy while typically voting for and being involved with the United States Republican Party. Their views may also differ from Libertarian Party members.


Libertarian Republicans represent a political movement of the Republican party. They are strong believers in the traditional Republican principle of economic libertarianism that was advocated by past leaders such as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. People who self identify as Libertarian Republicans do not necessarily share the same political beliefs across the spectrum, though there do seem to be several issues that bind them together, including fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility, and liberty.

The most common belief libertarian Republicans share is fiscal conservatism - specifically advocating for lower taxes at every level of government, a reduction in the level of spending in the federal budget, easing the burden of federal regulations on business interests, the reform of the entitlement system, and ending or making significant cuts to the welfare state. Additionally, they oppose budget deficits and deficit spending and work to minimize it as much as possible. Libertarian Republicans tend to support more fiscal conservatism than their mainstream counterparts in the party, and are much less willing to abandon these principles for political expediency.

Libertarian Republicans differ from traditional Republicans in their insistence on protection of civil liberties. Fact|date=May 2008 Unlike many social conservative Republicans, this branch of the party is hesitant to use an activist federal government as a vehicle for social change. It is distinct from the religious wing of the Republican party, and sees state-enforced conservative social policies as encroachments on personal privacy and individual liberties.Fact|date=May 2008 Libertarian Republicans disagree with the activities of mainstream Republicans with regard to civil liberties since the September 11, 2001 attacks, opposing many provisions of the Patriot Act and President George W. Bush's domestic intelligence program.Fact|date=May 2008


The Republican Liberty Caucus, founded in early 1990 at a meeting of a group of Florida LROC members attending a Young Republicans Convention, including Phil Blumel, Tom Walls, Eric Rittberg and Rex Curry, who agreed to develop a national RLC organization. [ [ Background of the RLC ] ] The group claims to represent the GOP's libertarian Republican movement.

Americans for Limited Government is another Libertarian Republican organization.

Politicians and media personalities

Prominent libertarian Republicans include the Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan [ Greg Ip and Emily Steel, [ Greenspan Book Criticizes Bush And Republicans] , Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2007.] On , the late economist Milton Friedman, [ [ "Florida Republican Liberty Caucus"] ] radio talk show hosts Neal Boortz and Larry Elder [Elder defines "republitarian" as "a member of the Republican Party who holds libertarian ideals." [ Larry FAQ] ] , humorist P.J. O'Rourke, and television personalities Tucker Carlson and Dennis Miller. Political philosophers admired by libertarian Republicans include Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, John Locke, James Madison, and John Stuart Mill.

Prominent elected libertarian or libertarian-leaning Republicans include Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, former New Mexico Governor Gary E. Johnson, Michigan State Representative Leon Drolet, and former Arizona Senator Barry M. Goldwater. []


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