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Maddy Young

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first = 9x15, "Face Value", 2007-
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portrayer = Nadine Lewington

Madeleine "Maddy" Young is the name of a fictional character in the BBC medical drama series "Holby City", portrayed by actress Nadine Lewington.cite web|url=|title=BBC - Holby City - Characters||accessdate=2007-08-29] The character first appeared on-screen on 16 January 2007 in episode "Face Value" - Series 9, Episode 15 of the programme.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 16th January||date=16 January 2007|accessdate=2007-08-29] Her role in the show is that of fun loving party girl with a troubled past - and also the most junior doctor of the cast.cite web|url=|title=Holby City - Characters||accessdate=2007-08-29] Her major storylines have centered around her relationship with Consultant General Surgeon character Dan Clifford, as well as her troubled relationship with her family.

The character has proved so popular with viewers that Lewington was longlisted for the 'Most Popular Newcomer' award at the 2007 National Television Awards,cite web|url=|title=National Television Awards 2007|publisher=National Television Awards|accessdate=2007-08-29] as well as voted by "Holby City" fans 'Favourite Newcomer' of Series 9. However, in October 2007, the character also came under heavy criticism by drinks industry body the Portman Group, resulting from an incident of on-screen binge drinking, broadcast without showing any negative effects, which the group lambasted as "highly irresponsible."



Prior to the creation of the character Maddy, "Holby City" had not had a SHO level doctor amongst its cast since the departure of Sean Thompson in Series 7, Episode 43.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 9th August||date=9 August 2005|accessdate=2007-08-29] Nine episodes after Maddy's arrival, in episode "Bedlam", PRHOs Matt Parker and Dean West also exited the cast, leaving the newly introduced character Maddy to fill the role of the most junior doctor on the team.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 28th March||date=28 March 2007|accessdate=2007-08-29]

Further to this, it is known that the character was created alongside that of new General Surgical Consultant Dan Clifford.cite news|url=,40817,|title=New faces join Holby| Database|date=5 October 2006|accessdate=2007-08-29] Dan arrived on-screen in episode "Its Been a Long Day" - eight episodes before the introduction of the character of Maddy.cite news|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 28th November||date=28 November 2006|accessdate=2007-08-29] Upon her arrival in the programme, it was made clear that the character had been created as an old friend and ally of Clifford's, with the BBC providing the background information that "Maddy...has saved him from trouble on a few occasions."


It was announced by BBC Publicity that Nadine Lewington had been cast in the new role of Maddy Young on 4 October 2006.cite web|url=|title= New staff member for 'Holby City'|publisher=Digital Spy|date=4 October 2006|accessdate=2007-08-29] Lewington's only other notable television role to date had been an appearance in Series 20, Episode 22 of sister show "Casualty", playing a patient's relative.cite web|url=|title= Nadine Lewington|publisher=IMDb|accessdate=2007-08-29] When discussing joining the cast of "Holby City", she commented::"I've been on cloud nine since receiving that all-important phone call. My parents are surprised to suddenly have a doctor in the family but are thrilled nonetheless! I'm just really looking forward to being part of an incredible cast in such a successful show – I can't wait!"A spokesperson for BBC Publicity added: "We are delighted to have Nadine on board to play the part of Maddy, she's a great addition to the show and her character will be involved in some dramatic storylines."



In the ending credits for episodes "Face Value" and "Feast or Famine" - the first two featuring the character - her name was given as 'Maddie Young'.cite episode
title = "Face Value"
episodelink = List_of_Holby_City_episodes/Series_Nine#Series_Nine_.282005-2006.29
url =
series = "Holby City"
serieslink = Holby City
credits =
network = BBC
station =
city =
airdate = 2007-01-16
began =
ended =
season = 9
number = 15
minutes =
transcript =
] cite episode
title = "Feast or Famine"
episodelink = List_of_Holby_City_episodes/Series_Nine#Series_Nine_.282005-2006.29
url =
series = "Holby City"
serieslink = Holby City
credits =
network = BBC
station =
city =
airdate = 2007-01-23
began =
ended =
season = 9
number = 16
minutes =
transcript =
] For reasons unknown, in every episode since, the character has been credited by the altered spelling of 'Maddy Young'.


Upon announcing the creation of the character of Maddy, BBC Publicity initially said of her: Maddy's enthusiasm and ability speaks for itself. She's a young SHO who loves her job and is fun to be around." Expanding, it was added that: "Maddy's young, fun and up for a laugh while, at the same time, dedicated to her job. She's definitely not going to be single for very long, but there's a family secret she's harbouring which could just get in the way…"

These features of her character have all been developed upon during her first series in the show. From her arrival at Holby City Hospital, the character was always seen to be up for a good time, and on one occasion was chastised by Critical Care Consultant Lola Griffin for arriving at work somewhat hungover after a heavy night of drinking.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 20th March||date=20 March 2007|accessdate=2007-03-20] Her hidden family secret was first addressed in episode "What Lies Beneath", when it was revealed that her father had been imprisoned for conducting fraudulent business matters.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 27th March||date=20 March 2007|accessdate=2007-03-20] Further to this, it later came to light that the character's twin sister was a former heroin addict, when Maddy was forced to treat her, and later her own niece who subsequently died from a methadone overdose.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 28th August||date=28 August 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06] cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 4th September||date=4 September 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06]


The character has maintained a consistently close relationship to General Surgical Consultant Dan Clifford, who it was revealed in her first episode she had formerly worked alongside in Middlesex. It was revealed several weeks after the character's arrival that she had once covered for Dan when he attempted an operation drunk - going as far as to have drinks with, and kiss, the lesbian anesthetist present during the surgery in order to buy her silence.

Between the end of series 9 and the beginning of series 10, Dan and Maddy become a couple for a very brief period of time. Dan is still in love with his sister-in-law, Louise, however, and ultimately departs for a new job in France, leaving Maddy behind. Peter Wingfield (Dan) has said of the relationship::"There was a line in one of the last episodes, "one of them seems perfect for you" and I always thought that summed it up. Dan and Maddy have always been incredibly close without becoming lovers, but it is obvious that they are great together, so when it happens it is effortless and joyous and has wonderful potential. But Dan's private demons prevent it from being allowed to live and grow. I always thought it might be great for him, if only he could have let it be."cite web|url=,29616,|title=Peter Wingfield Interview||date=27 March 2008|accessdate=2007-09-06]

The character Maddy has also had a brief sexual encounter with hospital Lothario Sam Strachan. While their relationship consisted of little beyond a one night stand,cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 6th March||date=6 March 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06] she did later help him out in a difficult situation involving a patient, displaying a willingness to break the rules to help out a friend.cite web|url=,1945,0,0,1,0|title=S9 E27 For Whom the Bell Tolls by Jeff Dodds - 17/4/07||date=17 April 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06] cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 24th April||date=24 April 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06]


Maddy arrives at Holby City Hospital in episode "Face Value". It is revealed that she has a history with General Surgical Consultant Dan Clifford, and that the pair are good friends. The pre-existing relationship between Maddy and Dan initially makes some staff wary of her, especially on the hospital's AAU, where she is posted. However, she quickly strikes up a friendship with PRHOs Matt Parker and Dean West, and Senior Staff Nurse Donna Jackson, with whom she enters into a scratch card syndicate.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 30th January||date=30 January 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06] Maddy's friendship with Donna sours somewhat when the nurse wins £20,000 on a card, but refuses to share the winnings.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Tuesday 6th February||date=6 February 2007|accessdate=2007-09-06] In time, however, the pair make up, and prove integral in matchmaking Ward Sister Faye Morton and Cardiothoracic Surgical Registrar Sam Strachan.cite web|url=|title=Episode Update Thursday 31st May||date=31 May 2007|accessdate=2007-08-28]

Maddy engages in a one night stand with Sam in episode "The Borders of Sleep", and later bends the rules to help him take care of underage prostitute patient Jade MacGuire. It transpires that she is no stranger to rule breaking in episode "What Lies Beneath", when her father arrives in Holby having escaped from prison. Maddy treats him for an injury he sustained while in prison, and, aided by Dan, helps him escape from police when they arrive searching for him. She then discusses her past history with Dan, mentioning the fact she once covered for him when he operated drunk. It also comes to light that Maddy one stole pharmacy drugs and planted them on the abusive boyfriend of her twin sister, Hannah.

Hannah herself arrives at Holby with an abscess in episode "Guilt by Association". Maddy convinces her to have an operation by illegally stopping her pain medication, to emphasize how badly she needs surgery. In the following episode, Hannah seeks out Maddy's help when she accidentally gives her daughter, Sunny, a methadone overdose. Although Maddy again breaks the rules and the law to help them, Sunny dies while being treated, from exacerbated, pre-existing cardiac problems.

Maddy has a short-lived relationship with Dan Clifford before his departure in October 2007. She goes been supporting her friend Sam Strachan through his cancer ordeal. In episode "Love Will Tear Us Apart", Maddy makes an error in the middle of an operation after Dan calls her out of the blue to arrange a meeting. She is devastated when he later stands her up.

Recently, Dr Linden Cullen was suspended after the death of a patient, Liam Harris, on the operating table. Linden had thrown Maddy out of the operating theatre but despite this, Maddy still believed that Linden wasn't to blame. Maddy grew suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Liam's death. She attended theatre with Michael Spence and noticed that Jamie, the anesthetist, wasn't paying attention. Jamie had been assisting when Liam died, so Maddy wondered whether Jamie could have been to blame. Maddy confronted Jamie about his carelessness but he shrugged it off, claiming not to make mistakes. Later, Maddy secretly entered the morgue and took a blood sample from Liam's body.

Maddy awaited the results of a blood sample from Liam's body, which she filed in Sam Strachan's name to avoid being found out. Unaware of her hunch, Sam agreed to cover for Maddy in theatre and noted anaesthetist Jamie's lack of concentration during surgery. Sam was annoyed with Maddy for involving him, and demanded to know what she was up to. Maddy explained her theory that Jamie, not Linden, was responsible for Harris' death. Sam agreed to help her gather evidence by charming the lab supervisor so Maddy could sneak in and take samples. The tests revealed the real reason Liam died and proved that Linden wasn't at fault. She took them to Jayne Grayson, but she was taken aback at Jayne's reaction. Jayne was interested to know how Maddy obtained the results and warned her she could be in serious trouble.

Maddy told Linden about her discovery, but he was not impressed with her recklessness. He realised, however, that she and Sam had acted in good faith and offered to take the blame. Instead, Maddy confessed all to Jayne and explained how she dragged Sam into helping her. Linden was later cleared, but he became constantly distrated by conjoined twin case, forcing Ric to place Maddy in charge of AAU.


The character proved so popular in her first series on the show, that within six months of arriving, Lewington was shortlisted 'Most Popular Newcomer' in the 2007 National Television Awards, due to take place on 31 October 2007.cite news|url=,2849,|title=National TV Awards 2007| Database|date=10 July 2007|accessdate=2007-08-29]

In October 2007, drinks' industry body the Portman Group made an official complaint to communications regulator Ofcom about a scene in "Holby City" episode "Trial and Retribution", which depicted the characters Maddy and Sam Strachan each taking five shots of tequila following a stressful day at work.cite episode |title=Trial and Retribution |episodelink=List_of_Holby_City_episodes/Series_Nine#Series_Nine_.282006-2007.29 |series=Holby City |serieslink=Holby City |network=BBC |airdate= 2007-10-05] The body's chief executive David Poley claimed that in failing to show the negative consequences of this action, the series was presenting a "highly irresponsible portrayal of excessive and rapid drinking".cite web|author=Mark Sweney|url=,,2183342,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=4|title= Holby criticised for binge drinking scene|publisher=The Guardian|date=4 October 2007|accessdate=2007-10-05] In response to the groups' accusation that "We would expect the BBC to take greater care with the portrayal of alcohol in programmes",cite web|url=|title= Holby City drinkers 'broke Ofcom rules'|publisher=What's On TV|date=4 October 2007|accessdate=2007-10-05] the BBC released a statement tying the complaint closely to the alcoholism storyline being played out by the character Kyla Tyson at the time, explaining that:

:"Holby City takes the issue of the negative effects of alcohol abuse very seriously. On occasions when our continuing drama series deal with alcohol within a storyline we always seek to handle the issue sensitivity.cite web|url=|title= Holby drinking scene 'breached rules'||date=4 October 2007|accessdate=2007-10-05] Holby City is in the middle of a storyline in which a key character (Kyla) has spiralling problems in her personal and professional life because of alcohol — a storyline that fully and realistically depicts the negative impact of alcohol dependency in the workplace. Kyla has now been seen to seek help for alcoholism and the audience will see how she fares on the road to recovery."cite web|author=Nicole Martin|url=|title= BBC's Holby City criticised for binge drinking|publisher=The Daily Telegraph|date=4 October 2007|accessdate=2007-09-12]

In popular culture

The 17 November 2006 "Children in Need" charity telethon included a segment featuring the "Holby City" cast performing a version of "Hung Up" by Madonna.cite news|url=|title=Stars line up for Children In Need||date=17 November 2006|accessdate=2007-08-31] Although the character had not yet made her on-screen debut in the programme, Lewington as Maddy appeared in the sketch - as did fellow newcomers Peter Wingfield (Dan Clifford) and Phoebe Thomas (Maria Kendall) who also had yet to arrive in the show itself.cite news|url=,17840,|title=Children in Need| Database|date=7 November 2006|accessdate=2007-08-31]

The 16 November 2007 "Children in Need" appeal again contained a musical performance from "Holby City" cast members. Lewington, alongside Rakie Ayola (Kyla Tyson) and Phoebe Thomas (Maria Kendall) provided backing vocals for Sharon D Clarke (Lola Griffin), who performed a soul version of Aretha Franklin's signature song, Respect.cite news|url=,6558,|title=Children in Need 2007| Database|date=17 November 2007|accessdate=2007-12-01]


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