List of Tampa Bay Buccaneers first-round draft picks

List of Tampa Bay Buccaneers first-round draft picks

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined the National Football League (NFL) in 1976 with the Seattle Seahawks.

Every April, each NFL franchise adds new players to its roster through a collegiate draft at the "NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting", more commonly known as the NFL Draft. [cite news|last=Branch |first=John |url= |title=The 2000 Liars Club/ Draft makes Broncos coach cloak intentions | |work=Colorado Springs Gazette |date= 2000-04-09| accessdate=2008-05-29] Teams are ranked in reverse order based on the previous season's record, with the team with the worst record having the first selection. The two exceptions to this order are made for teams that appeared in the previous season's Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion is the last team to select and the Super Bowl runner up selects right before them. This order is subject to teams trading away selections to other teams for different selections, players, cash or a combination thereof. Thus, it is common for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have multiple or no draft picks the first round due to trades. [cite web|url=| last = Alder | first = James | title = "NFL Draft Basics:Determining Order of Selection" | work = | accessdate=May 24 |accessyear=2008 ]

The Buccaneers have had the first overall pick on six occasions. Twice in 1978 and 1984, they traded it away. One eventual Hall of Famer was selected by the Buccaneers.cite web | work=National Football League official Web site | url= | title=Draft History – Tampa Bay Buccaneers | accessdate=2007-04-27] The Buccaneers' first selection as an NFL team was Lee Roy Selmon, a defensive lineman from Oklahoma. The team's most-recent first-round selection was Aqib Talib, a cornerback from Kansas.

Player selections


*note label|Note01|a|aThe Buccaneers traded their first overall pick to the Houston Oilers for Jimmie Giles, this pick and a second round pick in this draft and the Oilers third and fifth round picks in the 1979 draft. [cite web | work=Pro Football Hall of Fame| url= | title=Pro Football Draft History: The 1970s | accessdate=2008-07-11]
*note label|Note01|b|bThe Buccaneers traded the 4th overall selection to Chicago for Wally Chambers. [cite web | work=ProQuest Archiver (Originally from the Philadelphia Inquirer)| url= | title=BUCS GET QB THOMPSON FROM BENGALS ($2.95 fee required to view the full-text)| date=1983-06-03 | accessdate=2008-07-24]
*note label|Note01|c|cThe Buccaneers traded their first-round pick to the Chicago Bears for their 1982 second-round pick.
*note label|Note01|d|dThe Buccaneers traded their first-round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals in 1983 for Jack Thompson. [cite web | work=NewsBank (Originally from the Los Angeles Times)| url= | title=Morning Briefing (Pay-Per-View)| date=1979-05-14 | accessdate=2008-07-24]
*note label|Note01|e|eJackson refused to play the Buccaneers, went to play baseball for the Kansas City Royals and then was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1987 and played both professional sports to an All-Pro level.cite web | work=Sports Illustrated| url= | title=say it aint so buccaneers | accessdate=2008-07-16]
*note label|Note01|g|gThe Buccaneers traded away their second overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts for Chris Chandler. [cite web | last=Pompei | first=Dan | work=find (originally from The Sporting News) | url= | title=In Tampa Bay, patience has replaced panic of the past | date=1999-08-23| accessdate=2008-07-11]
*note label|Note01|h|hThe Buccaneers traded their seventh overall pick to the Eagles for this pick and two second-round picks. [cite web | work=Philadelphia| url= | title=Eagles Trade History 1995-Present | accessdate=2008-07-24]
*note label|Note01|i|iThe Buccaneers acquired this pick from the Dallas Cowboys for two second round picks. [cite web | last=W. Smith | first=Timothy | work=New York Times | url= | title=PRO FOOTBALL; The Draft Stresses Runners, Secondary | date=1995-04-24| accessdate=2008-07-11]
*note label|Note01|j|jThe additional first-round pick was acquired from the Indianapolis Colts for Craig Erickson. [cite web | work=High (Originally from The Washington Post)| url= | title=Erickson Goes To the Colts (requires subscription) | date=1995-04-27| accessdate=2008-07-11]
*note label|Note01|k|kThe Buccaneers originally traded their 8th overall pick to the Jets to move up two picks. They then traded that pick to the Seattle Seahawks for this pick and a third-round pick. [cite web | last=W. Smith | first=Timothy | work=New York Times | url= | title=Tampa Bay Hopes Dunn Is Its Big Little Man | date=1997-04-20| accessdate=2008-07-07]
*note label|Note01|l|lThis pick was acquired from the San Diego Chargers in return for a second-round pick the previous year. [cite web | work=Pro Football Hall of Fame | url= | title=Pro Football Draft History: 1997 | accessdate=2008-07-07]
*note label|Note01|m|mThe Buccaneers traded their first-round pick to Raiders for two second round picks. [cite web | work=Pro Football Hall of Fame | url= | title=Pro Football Draft History: 1998 | accessdate=2008-07-07]
*note label|Note01|n|nThe Buccaneers gained an additional first-round pick from the San Diego Chargers as a result of a draft-day deal in 1998. [cite web | work=Pro Football Hall of Fame | url= | title=Pro Football Draft History: 2000 | accessdate=2008-07-07]
*note label|Note01|o|oThe Buccaneers traded their first-pick and one they acquired from the Chargers in 1998, to the New York Jets for Keyshawn Johnson. [cite web | last=Battista | first=Judy | work=New York Times | url= | title=PRO FOOTBALL; Johnson Gets His Raise and a New Team | date=2000-04-13| accessdate=2008-07-07]
*note label|Note01|p|pThe Buccaneers had the 21st overall selection but made a draft-day deal with the Buffalo Bills to move up seven picks. [cite web | last=Mills | first=Rodger | work=St. Petersburg Times | url= | title=Ahanotu's release almost led to no Walker | date=2001-04-24| accessdate=2008-07-07]
*note label|Note01|q|qThe Buccaneers traded linebacker Hugh Green to the Miami Dolphins for the first (#25 overall pick) and second-round picks. [cite web|url=|title=2007 Media Guide: Trades|work=Miami Dolphins|format=PDF |pages=p. 30 (602) | accessdate=2008-07-26]
*note label|Note01|r|r 1note label|Note01|r|2The Buccaneers traded their 2002 and 2003 first-round picks to the Oakland Raiders as part of a trade for Jon Gruden. [cite web | last=Myers | first=Gary | work=Daily News | url= | title=BUCS' SHIP RIDES ON GRUDEN | date=2002-04-07| accessdate=2008-07-07]





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