Conyers Darcy, 2nd Earl of Holderness

Conyers Darcy, 2nd Earl of Holderness

Conyers Darcy, 2nd Earl of Holderness (1622 – 13 December 1692) was an English nobleman and Member of Parliament.

Conyers Darcy was the eldest son of Conyers Darcy, 8th Lord Darcy of Knayth and 5th Lord Conyers, who was created Earl of Holderness in 1682.

He sat in the House of Commons as MP for Boroughbridge in 1660, then for Yorkshire from 1661 to 1679. In November 1680 he was elevated to the House of Lords by Writ of acceleration, sitting as Baron Conyers. On his father's elevation to an earldom in 1682, he acquired the courtesy title Lord Darcy and Conyers. He succeeded as 2nd Earl of Holderness, 9th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 6th Baron Conyers on his father's death on 14 June 1689.

Marriages and children

Darcy married four times; firstly to Lady Catherine Fane, daughter of Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland. She thus became Lady Catherine Darcy.

His second marriage took place on 8 February 1650 to Lady Frances Howard (c. 1627-1670), daughter of Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Berkshire. She thus became Lady Frances Darcy.

Darcy's third marriage took place in 1676 to Lady Frances Seymour, daughter of William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset. She thus became Lady Frances Darcy.

His fourth and final marriage was on 8 January 1685 to The Hon. Elizabeth Frescheville (1635-1690), daughter of John Frescheville, 1st Baron Frescheville. She thus became Lady Elizabeth Darcy, but would have been known as Lady Darcy and Conyers due to her husband holding a subsidiary title of his father. She became The Countess of Holderness upon Darcy's inheritance of the Earldom in 1689; a title she only held for approximately a year as she died in 1690.

Darcy's eldest son and heir apparent was John Darcy, Lord Conyers (c. 1659-1689) who was by his second marriage to Frances Howard. However, this son John, predeceased his father, and so, upon the death of Lord Holderness in 1692, the earldom passed to Robert Darcy, 3rd Earl of Holderness (1681-1722), John's second but oldest surviving son.


  • Mr Conyers Darcy (1622-1641
  • The Hon. Conyers Darcy (1641-1682)
  • Lord Darcy and Conyers (1682-1689)
  • 2nd Earl of Holderness, 9th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 6th Baron Conyers (1689-1692)
Parliament of England
Preceded by
Sir Henry Stapylton
(Second seat vacant)
Member of Parliament for Boroughbridge
With: Sir Henry Stapylton
Succeeded by
Sir Richard Mauleverer
Robert Long
Preceded by
The Lord Fairfax
Sir John Dawnay
Member of Parliament for Yorkshire
With: Sir John Goodricke 1661–1670
Sir Thomas Slingsby 1670–1679
Succeeded by
The Lord Fairfax
Viscount Dungarvan
Peerage of England
Preceded by
Conyers Darcy
Earl of Holderness
Succeeded by
Robert Darcy
Baron Conyers
(writ in acceleration)



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