Baron Conyers

Baron Conyers

The title Baron Conyers was created in the Peerage of England on 17 October 1509 for William Conyers, the son-in-law of William Neville, 1st Earl of Kent. The abeyance after the death of the 3rd baron was terminated for the 7th Baron Darcy de Knayth, these baronies were held together until the abeyance of 1888, after which the abeyance of these two baronies were separately terminated. Since 1509, the Barons Conyers had held a part of the "right" to the barony Fauconberg, i.e. the part for which the abeyance was terminated in 1903; and since the termination of the abeyance of the barony Fauconberg, the two baronies, Conyers and Fauconberg, had been held together; and now they are abeyant between the two daughters of the 5th Earl of Yarborough. If the younger daughter dies first the abeyance will terminate automatically in favour of her elder sister. If the elder dies first the title will remain in abeyance between the younger sister (1/2 share) and the two daughters of the elder sister (1/4 share each). They in turn would gain a full 1/2 share each on the death of their aunt and transfer this to their children.

The baronies Conyers and Darcy de Knayth originated the courtesy title of the eldest son of the Earl of Holderness as "Lord Darcy and Conyers".

Barons Conyers (1509)

*William Conyers, 1st Baron Conyers (d. 1524)
*Christopher Conyers, 2nd Baron Conyers (d. 1538)
*John Conyers, 3rd Baron Conyers (d. 1557) (abeyant 1557)
*Conyers Darcy, 7th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 4th Baron Conyers (1570-1654) (abeyance terminated c. 1641/44 - title passed through the 3rd Baron's daughter to Conyers Darcy, the 3rd Baron's grandson)
*Conyers Darcy, 1st Earl of Holderness, 8th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 5th Baron Conyers (d. 1689)
*Conyers Darcy, 2nd Earl of Holderness, 9th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 6th Baron Conyers (c. 1620-1692)
*Robert Darcy, 3rd Earl of Holderness, 10th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 7th Baron Conyers (1681-1722)
*Robert Darcy, 4th Earl of Holderness, 11th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 8th Baron Conyers (1718-1778)
*Amelia Osborne, 12th Baroness Darcy de Knayth and 9th Baroness Conyers (1754-1784)
*George William Frederick Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds, 13th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 10th Baron Conyers (1775-1838)
*Francis Godolphin Darcy-Osborne, 7th Duke of Leeds, 14th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 11th Baron Conyers (1798-1859)
*Sackville George Lane-Fox, 15th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 12th Baron Conyers (1827-1888) (abeyant 1888)
*Marcia Amelia Mary Pelham, 7th Baroness Fauconberg and 13th Baroness Conyers (1863-1926) (abeyance terminated 1892)
*Sackville George Pelham, 5th Earl of Yarborough, 8th Baron Fauconberg and 14th Baron Conyers (1888-1948) (abeyant 1948)

Co-heiresses: Lady Diana Miller and Lady Wendy Lycett, daughters of the 14th Baron.

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