Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula

Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula

This is a list of the Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian peninsula (the Roman Hispania - modern Andorra, Portugal and Spain).


**Autrigones - some consider them Celtic [] .
**Caristii - some consider them Celtic [] .
**Varduli - some consider them Celtic [] .
**Cantabri - some consider them Celtic, other related with Aquitanians [] .
**Oretani - some consider them Celtic [] .
*Cynetes or Conii - originally probably Tartessians or similar, later celtized by the Celtici.


*Indo-European peoples
**Proto-Celtic & Celtic
***Turduli Veteres
***Turdulorum Oppida

ee also

*Greco-Iberian alphabet
*Iberian languages
*Paleohispanic languages
*Paleohispanic scripts
*Prehistoric Iberia
*History of Portugal
**Timeline of Portuguese history
***Pre-Roman Western Iberia (Before the 3rd century BC)
***Roman Lusitania and Gallaecia (3rd century BC to 4th century AD)
*History of Spain

External links

* [ Detailed map of the Pre-Roman Peoples of Iberia (around 200 BC)]
* [ Map with Ancient Greek references]

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