In Gallo-Roman religion, Alaunus or Alaunius was a Gaulish god of the sun, healing and prophecy. His name is known from inscriptions found in Lurs in southern France (in the dative form polytonic|Αλα [υ] νειουι) and in Mannheim in western Germany. In the latter inscription, Alaunus is used as an epithet of Genius Mercury. [L'Arbre Celtique, entries for [ Alaunus] and [ Alaunius] .] __NOTOC__


The Proto-Celtic "Alaunos" is believedWho|date=October 2007 to mean ‘shining one’, which has led Dr. John Koch at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies to suggest that this personality may be another name for Belenos or Dagda-Sucellos. This theory, if it is correct, would account for the associations with the sun and the apparent mental brilliance of the ability to heal and tell the future.Fact|date=October 2007

Theo Vennemann compares this god’s name with Basque arau ‘order, regularity’, which he asserts is from Proto-Vasconic "Alaunu" meaning ‘order’.Fact|date=October 2007



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