Theatre Rice

Theatre Rice

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Non-profit_name = Theatre Rice!
Non-profit_type = Modern Asian-American Theatre Group
founded_date = Fall 1998
founder = Duy Nguyen
Michael Chang
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origins = University of California, Berkeley
key_people = Producer:
Yue Tu
Assistant Producer:
Dennis Ren
Artistic Director:
Jim Chin
Course Coordinator:
Kathleen Mendoza
Course Coordinator:
Irene Van
Publicity Director:
Jerry Lee
Martin Tapalla
Jacek Wnuk
Writer's Block Coordinator:
Joy Regullano
Chief Financial Officer:
Patricia Nguyen
Technical Coordinator:
Anthony Cheung
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num_members = 41
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Theatre Rice conducts dedicated shows on the University of California, Berkeley campus regularly, performs externally throughout the San Francisco Bay area, and tours throughout California. Shows traditionally include improvisation, sketch comedy, drama, films, live music, and adaptations, though musicals, dances, and duologues. Other forms of performance have been featured as well.


Theatre Rice, the first modern Asian American theatre group at Berkeley, was started in the autumn of 1998. Since its conception, Theatre Rice has grown considerably, both artistically and physically. In the past several years, the group has begun to attract an increasingly larger audience and a greater membership. Theatre Rice has emerged from a relatively unknown group to a group whose performances have become an anticipated community event.


Theatre Rice was conceived to provide people (particularly, but not exclusively, Asian American) who might not otherwise have a chance to participate in theatrical arts the opportunity to act, write, sing, direct, dance, and learn behind-the-stage techniques. What sets Theatre Rice apart from other dramatic groups is its open and unintimidating environment, and the basic ethic that effort and commitment are more important than experience or innate talent. Because the group is contains both seasoned and fledgling actors, there exists a healthy dynamic within which members can share their experiences and learn from each other.

The Asian American aspect of Theatre Rice is important because it is a step towards combating the misrepresentation, as well as the lack of representation, of the Asian American community in popular culture. By its mere existence, Theatre Rice is fulfilling its purpose of putting forth ideas that stem from the minds of Asian Americans, and therefore addressing the Asian American population as well as the greater community within Berkeley and beyond.

Charity work

A percentage of every show's profits goes to charity [ [ Theatre Rice ] ] . In Spring 2008, the shows raised $1500 for AATC, Asian American Theater Company. The fall 2007 shows raised $1000 for AYPAL, the Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership. Spring 2007's shows donated $650 to YFAT (Youth For Asian Theatre) and another $650 to NAWHO (National Asian Women's Health Organization).This work allows Theatre Rice to give back to the community.

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