List of Super Bowl records

List of Super Bowl records

This is a list of Super Bowl records, which includes performances of the highest and lowest caliber throughout the history of the Super Bowl. The list of records is separated by individual players and teams. Players and teams, along with their records, are noted with the Super Bowl game played.

Individual player records

*Most Super Bowl MVP's, 3 times:*Joe Montana (XVI, XIX and XXIV)
*Most points scored, single game - 18 (four players):*Roger Craig (XIX):*Jerry Rice (XXIV and XXIX):*Ricky Watters (XXIX):*Terrell Davis (XXXII)
*Most touchdowns, single game, 3:* Same above as Most points scored
*Most points scored, career, 48:* Jerry Rice (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX, and XXXVII)
*Most Super Bowl wins, 5 winning teams:*Charles Haley (San Francisco in XXIII and XXIV; Dallas in XXVII, XXVIII and XXX)
*Fastest score from start of game, 14 seconds:* Devin Hester (Opening kickoff return TD) (XLI)
*Most games played, 6:* Mike Lodish (Buffalo - XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII and Denver - XXXII and XXXIII)


*Most passing yards, single game, 414:*Kurt Warner (XXXIV)
*Most passing yards, career, 1,142:*Joe Montana (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV)
*Most TD passes, single game, 6:*Steve Young (XXIX)
*Most TD passes, career, 11:*Joe Montana (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV)
*Most completions, single game, 32:*Tom Brady (XXXVIII)
*Most completions, career, 100:*Tom Brady (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLII)
*Highest completion percentage, single game, 88%:*Phil Simms (XXI)
*Highest completion percentage, multiple games, 70%:*Troy Aikman (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
*Highest passer rating, career, 127.8:*Joe Montana (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV)
*Longest pass, 85 yards (TD):*Jake Delhomme to Muhsin Muhammad (XXXVIII)
*Most interceptions thrown, single game, 5:*Rich Gannon (XXXVII)
*Most interceptions thrown, career, 8:*John Elway (XXI, XXII, XXIV, XXXII, XXXIII)
*Most TD passes, fourth quarter, 2:*Eli Manning (XLII)


*Most rushing yards, single game, 204:*Timmy Smith (XXII)
*Most rushing yards, career, 354,:*Franco Harris (4 games)
*Most rushing touchdowns, single game, 3:*Terrell Davis (XXXII)
*Most rushing touchdowns, career, 4:*Franco Harris (IX, XIII and XIV [2] ):*Thurman Thomas (XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII):*John Elway (XXI, XXIV, XXXII and XXXIII)
*Longest rush from scrimmage, 75 yards (TD):*Willie Parker (XL)
*Longest rush from scrimmage, 75 yards:*Willie Parker (XL)
*"'Most Attempts, Game, 34, (Super Bowl IX):*Franco Harris
*"'Most Attempts, Career, 101, (Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV):*Franco Harris


*Most receiving yards, single game, 215:*Jerry Rice (XXIII)
*Most receiving yards, career, 589:*Jerry Rice (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX, and XXXVII)
*Most receptions, single game, 11:*Dan Ross (XVI):*Jerry Rice (XXIII):*Deion Branch (XXXIX):*Wes Welker (XLII)
*Most receptions, career, - 33:*Jerry Rice (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX, and XXXVII)
*Most receiving TDs, single game, 3:*Jerry Rice (XXIV and XXIX)
*Most touchdowns, career, 8:* Jerry Rice (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX, and XXXVII)
*Longest reception, 85 yards (TD):*Muhsin Muhammad from Jake Delhomme (XXXVIII)


*Most interceptions, single game, 3:*Rod Martin (XV)
*Most interceptions, career, 3 :*Rod Martin (1 game):*Chuck Howley (2 games):*Larry Brown (3 games)
*Longest interception return, 76 yards:*Kelly Herndon (XL)
*Most sacks, single game, 3 :*Reggie White (XXXI)
*Most sacks, career, 4.5:*Charles Haley (5 games)

pecial teams

*Most field goals, game, 4 :*Don Chandler (II), Ray Wersching (XVI)
*Most field goals, career, 7:*Adam Vinatieri (XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, and XLI)
*Longest field goal, 54 yards :*Steve Christie (XXVIII)
*Longest kickoff return, 99 yards, TD:*Desmond Howard (XXXI)
*Longest punt, 63 yards :*Lee Johnson (XXIII)
*Longest punt return, 45 yards :*John Taylor (XXIII)
*Most (one point) extra points, game, 7:*Mike Cofer (XXIV):*Lin Elliot (XXVII):*Doug Brien (XXIX)
*Most (one point) extra points, career, 13 :*Adam Vinatieri (XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, and XLI)

Team records

Games, victories, defeats

*Most Super Bowl victories, 5 (three teams):*San Francisco 49ers (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, and XXIX):*Pittsburgh Steelers (IX, X, XIII, XIV, and XL):*Dallas Cowboys (VI, XII, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX)
*Most Super Bowl losses, 4 (three teams):*Minnesota Vikings (IV, VIII, IX, and XI):*Denver Broncos (XII, XXI, XXII, and XXIV):*Buffalo Bills (XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII)
*Most games played, 8:* Dallas Cowboys (V, VI, X, XII, XIII, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX)


ingle team

*Most points scored by a winning team, game - 55 :*San Francisco 49ers (XXIV)
*Most points scored by a losing team, game - 31:*Dallas Cowboys (XIII)
*Most points, first quarter - 14 (by 6 teams):* Miami Dolphins (VIII):* Oakland Raiders (XV):* Dallas Cowboys (XXVII):* San Francisco 49ers (XXIX):* New England Patriots (XXXI):* Chicago Bears (XLI)
*Most points, second quarter - 35:* Washington Redskins (XXII)
*Most points, first half - 35:* Washington Redskins (XXII)
*Most points, third quarter - 21 :* Chicago Bears (XX)
*Most points, fourth quarter - 21 :* Dallas Cowboys (XXVII)
*Most points, second half - 30:* New York Giants (XXI)
*Largest margin of victory - 45 points:* San Francisco 49ers, 55-10 (XXIV)
*Smallest margin of victory - 1 point :* New York Giants, 20-19 (XXV)
*Largest halftime margin - 25 points:* Washington Redskins, 35-10 (XXII)
*Fewest points, winning team, game - 14 :* Miami Dolphins (VII)
*Fewest touchdowns, winning team, game - 1:* New York Jets (III)
*Fewest points, first half - 0 (by 8 teams):* Baltimore Colts (III):* Minnesota Vikings (four times) (IV, VIII, IX, XI):* Washington Redskins (VII):* Denver Broncos (XII):* Cincinnati Bengals (XVI):* Buffalo Bills (XXVI):* Tennessee Titans (XXXIV):* New York Giants (XXXV)
*Fewest points, second half - 0 (by 5 teams):* Kansas City Chiefs (I):* Dallas Cowboys (V):* Miami Dolphins (four times) (VI, VII, XVII, XIX):* Denver Broncos (XXII):* Buffalo Bills (XXVIII)
*Fewest points, game - 3 :* Miami Dolphins (VI)
*Most touchdowns, 26:* Dallas Cowboys (V, VI, X, XII, XIII, XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
*Most touchdowns, game - 8:* San Francisco 49ers (XXIV)
*Most touchdowns, losing team, game - 4 (twice):* Dallas Cowboys (XIII):* Carolina Panthers (XXXVIII)
*Fewest touchdowns, game - 0:* Miami Dolphins (VI)

Both teams

*Most points, game - 75 :* San Francisco 49ers (49) vs San Diego Chargers (26), (XXIX)
*Most points, first quarter - 24:* Green Bay Packers (10) vs New England Patriots (14) (XXXI)
*Most points, second quarter - 35 :* Washington Redskins (35) vs Denver Broncos (0) (XXII)
*Most points, first half - 45 :* Washington Redskins (35) vs Denver Broncos (10) (XXII)
*Most points, third quarter - 24:* Washington Redskins (14) vs Buffalo Bills (10) (XXVI)
*Most points, fourth quarter - 37:* New England Patriots (18) vs Carolina Panthers (19) (XXXVIII)
*Most points, second half - 46 :* Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28) vs Oakland Raiders (18) (XXXVII)
*Most touchdowns, game - 10:* San Francisco 49ers (7) vs San Diego Chargers (3) (XXIX)
*Fewest points, first half - 2:* Pittsburgh Steelers (2) vs Minnesota Vikings (0) (IX)
*Fewest points, second half - 7 (twice):* Miami Dolphins (0) vs Washington Redskins (7) (VII):* Washington Redskins (7) vs. Denver Broncos (0) (XXII)
*Fewest points, game - 21:* Miami Dolphins (14) vs. Washington Redskins (7) (VII)
*Fewest touchdowns, game - 2:* New York Jets (1) vs Baltimore Colts (1) (III)


*Longest scoreless from start, team, (57 minutes 53 seconds) :*Washington Redskins (VII)
*Longest combined scoreless from start, game, (26 minutes 55 seconds):*Carolina Panthers vs New England Patriots (XXXVIII)
*Time of Possession, (40 minutes 33 seconds):*New York Giants (XXV)
*Longest opening drive, (9 minutes 59 seconds):*New York Giants (XLII)


*Most Super Bowl wins, 4:*Chuck Noll (IX, X, XII and XIV)

*Most Super Bowl losses, 4:*Dan Reeves (XXI, XXII, XXIV and XXXIII):*Marv Levy (XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII):*Bud Grant (IV, VII, IX, and XI)

*Most games as head coach, 6:*Don Shula (III, VI, VII, VIII, XVII and XIX)

*Youngest to win, 39 yrs, 162 days:*Jon Gruden (XXXVII)

*Oldest to win, 63 yrs, 92 days:*Dick Vermiel (XXXIV)

*Most seasons between appearances, 19:*Dick Vermiel (XV and XXXIV)Non-occurrences

None occur record

In the history of the Super Bowl, the following "firsts" have yet to occur:
*Snowy weather - While Super Bowl XLI was the first to feature rain, snow has yet to fall during the game. This is highly unlikely (barring a freak occurrence in Arizona, Florida, Southern California, or Texas, and/or a malfunctioning retractable roof) since the NFL only schedules the game in warm weather climates and/or indoor stadiums.
*An all-wild card matchup (teams who failed to win their divisions) - Nine wild card teams (since the 1970 merger) have won conference titles, but never two in the same season.
*A shutout - Every Super Bowl participant to date has scored. In four cases the offenses have been shut out while the special teams scored the only points: Super Bowl VI: The Miami Dolphins finished with 3 points, the fewest in a Super Bowl to date (and the only losing team to date to fail to score a touchdown).Super Bowl VII: The Washington Redskins returned a fumble for a touchdown after blocking a field goal attempt.Super Bowl IX: The Minnesota Vikings recovered a blocked punt in the end zone but missed the extra point.Super Bowl XXXV: The New York Giants scored on a 97-yard kickoff return.
*A punt return touchdown - While many kickoffs have been returned for a touchdown, a punt has yet to be returned for one.
*Home field advantage (playing in one's own home stadium) - The closest instances to this have been Super Bowls XI (featuring the Raiders playing down the coast) and XIV (featuring the Rams from nearby Los Angeles) both being played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena; XIX (featuring the 49ers from nearby San Francisco) being played at Stanford Stadium which is about 25 miles south of the 49ers' home stadium, Candlestick Park; and XXXVII (featuring the Raiders again playing downcoast) being played in San Diego.
*Two teams from the same metropolitan area: one city currently has two franchises: New York City has the Giants and the Jets. (In the past Los Angeles was home to the Raiders and the Rams, but both teams left town in 1996.) Also two pairs of teams share a common metropolitan area, although they are based in different cities: the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins; as well as the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. Every team mentioned above has won a Super Bowl, but never against its neighbor.
*Overtime - The narrowest margin of victory in a Super Bowl is one point, in Super Bowl XXV (1991). The closest instances to overtime, in which the result of the last play of the game could have realistically led to a tie and thus an overtime, have been: Super Bowl V: Baltimore's Jim O'Brien kicked a game-winning field goal with :05 left.Super Bowl XXXIV: Tennessee's Kevin Dyson was stopped one yard short of a tying touchdown.Super Bowl XXXVI: New England's Adam Vinatieri kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired.Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England's Adam Vinatieri kicked another game-winning field goal with :04 left.There have also been two instances in which the trailing team scored a late, go-ahead touchdown when a field goal could have tied the score: SB XXIII, the San Francisco 49ers scored with 34 seconds left to beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 when a field goal would have tied it at 16; and SB XLII, the New England Patriots scored a late touchdown to take a 14-10 lead when a field goal would have tied the game at 10, even though the Giants would later retake the lead on a touchdown of their own.
*An appearance by every team - Six teams have yet to reach their first Super Bowl: Arizona, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, and New Orleans.
*A team winning without a touchdown - Every Super Bowl champion to date has scored at least one touchdown in their efforts (New York Jets scored only one touchdown in their Super Bowl III triumph).
*No touchdowns scored - In every Super Bowl to date, there have been at least two touchdowns scored (Fewest combined - 2, in Super Bowl III).

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