List of U.S. states' largest cities

List of U.S. states' largest cities

This is a list of the largest cities of U.S. states by population. State capitals are designated in "italics".

Note 1: The only incorporated place in Hawaii is the City & County of Honolulu. A portion of it, the Honolulu District, is sometimes regarded as the "city" for statistical purposes, although it has no government separate from that of the City and County as a whole. The U.S. Census Bureau defines Honolulu CDP (Census Designated Place) to coincide with the Honolulu District. Thus for Hawaii, the largest CDPs are ranked.

Note 2: As of January 2006, New Orleans remains at a population of anywhere from 200,000-230,000 due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina which is only about 50% of the population. Many of the city's residents have relocated to Baton Rouge or elsewhere, either temporarily or permanently. When new Census estimates are released in mid-2006, it is expected that New Orleans will move down in the rankings.

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