Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies

Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies
List of Governors-General of the Dutch East Indies and their service years

The Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies represented the Dutch rule in the Dutch East Indies between 1610 and Dutch recognition of the independence of Indonesia in 1949.

The first Governors-General were appointed by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). After the VOC was formally dissolved in 1800,[1] the territorial possessions of the VOC were nationalised under the Dutch Government as the Dutch East Indies, a colony of the Netherlands. The Governors-General were appointed by the Dutch government.

Under the period of British control (1811-1816), the equivalent position was the Lieutenant-Governor, of whom the most notable is Thomas Stamford Raffles. Between 1942 and 1945, while Hubertus Johannes van Mook was the nominal Governor-General, the area was under Japanese control, and was governed by a two sequence of governors, in Java and Sumatra. After 1948 in negotiations for independence, the equivalent position was named High Commissioner of the Crown in the Dutch East Indies.


List of Governors-General

Dutch East India Company

Governors-General of the Dutch East Indies (1610–1709)

Dutch East Indies

Governors-General of the Dutch East Indies (1797–1851)
Governors-General of the Dutch East Indies (1851–1931)
  • 1796-1801: Pieter Gerardus van Overstraten
  • 1801-1805: Johannes Siberg
  • 1805-1808: Albertus Henricus Wiese
  • 1808-1811: Herman Willem Daendels
  • 1811-1811: Jan Willem Janssens
  • 1811-1816: under British rule
  • 1816-1826: G.A.G.Ph. Baron van der Capellen
  • 1826-1830: L.P.J. Burggraaf du Bus de Gisignies / Hendrik Merkus de Kock
  • 1830-1833: Graaf van den Bosch
  • 1833-1836: Jean Chrétien Baud
  • 1836-1840: Dominique Jacques de Eerens
  • 1840-1841: Carel Sirardus Willem van Hogendorp
  • 1841-1844: Pieter Merkus
  • 1844-1845: J.C. Reijnst
  • 1845-1851: Jan Jacob Rochussen
  • 1851-1856: Albertus Jacobus Duymaer van Twist
  • 1856-1861: Charles Ferdinand Pahud
  • 1861-1866: Ludolph Anne Jan Wilt Sloet van de Beele
  • 1866-1872: Pieter Mijer
  • 1872-1875: James Loudon
  • 1875-1881: Johan Wilhelm van Lansberge
  • 1881-1884: Freserik s'Jacob
  • 1884-1888: Otto van Rees
  • 1888-1893: Cornelis Pijnacker Hordijk
  • 1893-1899: Carel Herman Aart van Wijck
  • 1899-1904: Willem Rooseboom
  • 1904-1909: Johannes Benedictus van Heutsz
  • 1909-1916: Alexander Willem Frederik Idenburg
  • 1916-1921: Johan Paul van Limburg Stirum
  • 1921-1926: Dirk Fock
  • 1926-1931: Andries Cornelis Dirk de Graeff
  • 1931-1936: Bonifacius Cornelis de Jonge
  • 1936-1942: Alidius Warmoldus Lambertus Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer
  • 1942-1948: Hubertus Johannes van Mook
  • 1948-1949: Louis Beel (high commissioner)
  • 1949: A.H.J. Lovink (high commissioner)

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