Cicero (disambiguation)

Cicero (disambiguation)

Cicero, full name Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC–43 BC) was a Roman statesman, lawyer, political theorist, philosopher and one of Rome's greatest orators.

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  • Quintus Tullius Cicero, younger brother of Marcus Tullius Cicero who served in government as an author
  • Marcus Tullius Cicero Minor (65 BC–), son of Marcus Tullius Cicero and Roman consul
  • Andrea Lo Cicero, Italian rugby player
  • Chic Cicero, founder and co-Chief of the modern Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • Tabatha Cicero co-Chief of the modern Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • David Cicero (singer), a Scottish singer and keyboardist
  • David Cicero (artist), an abstract painter working from Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Roger Cicero, a German jazz/swing singer
  • Cícero Santos, Brazilian footballer
  • Cícero Semedo, a Portuguese football player
  • Cicinho, little Cicero, Brazilian footballer
  • Cícero Romão Batista (1844-1934), Brazilian priest, known as Padre Cícero
  • Cicero, codename of Elyesa Bazna, an Albanian who spied for Germany in World War II
  • Christopher Cicero, a lawyer from Columbus, Ohio, whose warnings about possible NCAA violations by players on the Ohio State Buckeyes football team went unreported by head coach Jim Tressel, leading to his suspension during the 2011 NCAA Division I FBS football season.

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