Fukushima Station (Osaka)

Fukushima Station (Osaka)

nihongo|Fukushima Station|福島駅|Fukushima-eki is a railway station in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan, on the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Osaka Loop Line and the Hanshin Electric Railway Main Line. It is adjacent to Shin-Fukushima Station on the JR West JR Tozai Line.


JR West Osaka Loop Line

*There are an island platform and 2 tracks elevated.

Hanshin Railway Main Line

*There are 2 side platforms and 2 tracks underground.


*Shin-Fukushima Station (JR Tozai Line)
*Nakanoshima Station (Keihan Railway Nakanoshima Line, opening on October 19, 2008)
*Hotel Hanshin
*the Shymphony Hall
**Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
**ABC Hall
**Dojima River Forum

tations next to Fukushima


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