Interstate 496

Interstate 496

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length_ref=cite web | author= | title= Route Log and Finder List | date= | work= Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation | url= | accessdate=2008-01-26 ]
established=1963-12-23cite web|author=Bessert, Christopher J.|title=Michigan Highways: Highways 250 through 696|date=2006-04-23|work=Michigan Highways|url=|accessdate=2008-01-26]
terminus_a=Jct|state=MI|I|69|I|96 in Lansing
terminus_b=Jct|state=MI|I|96|US|127 in Lansing

Interstate 496 (I-496) is an Interstate highway that passes through downtown Lansing, Michigan and is a "child" of Interstate 96. It is ceremonially designated the R.E. Olds Freeway along the portion that cuts through the city of Lansing. I-496 has both of its termini on I-96, the western one feeding only to and from Interstate 96 and Interstate 69 (which run concurrently) and the southern one feeding to and from US 127, a freeway that coincides with the north-south segment of I-496. US 127 continues as freeway through Lansing to the north and to Jackson, Michigan in the south.

Named after one of the pioneers of the automobile industry, it is heavily traveled by commuters who work in nearby automobile factories, as well as Michigan state government, and should be avoided at shift changes due to congestion. I-96 is generally a better long-distance route (by Michigan standards). I-496's maximum speed limit is 70 mph (110 km/h) for its entire length.

Ironically, while the highway bears R.E. Olds' name, the construction of the highway forced the demolition of the house that he built in 1903. Attempts to move the Olds Mansion, which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places, failed, and the house was demolished in order to continue the construction of the Interstate. [ [ Michigan Time Traveler] . "Lansing Newspapers in Education, Michigan Historical Center".]

Route description

The route is a divided-highway with two lane-numbering configurations. The section between exit 7 through 9 has three lanes in each direction. The rest is configured with two lanes in eiither direction. fact|date= November 2007 From exit 8 to the eastern terminus, I-496 runs north-south concurrent with US 127.

The western terminus looks as if it could accommodate a westward extension, having been built with unusually long and widely-separated ramps. These ramps were built to accommodate the intersection with the originally proposed alignment of Interstate 69. [ [ Michigan Highways: I-96/I-69/I-496/US-27 Interchange ] ]


The first section of I-496 was opened on 1963-12-23 running from I-96 northerly to M-43/M-78 between Lansing and East Lansing. The freeway section, comprising the southern two-thirds, was designated I-96/M-78/BL I-96 while the northern portion was on city streets as M-78/BL I-96. A new US 127 freeway was opened on 1966-11-18. US 127 would be routed along I-496/M-78. BL I-96 was removed from I-496/US 127/M-78 and routed along the former US 127. The next section opened was the western section from I-96 to M-99 on 1968-10-22. The remaining section between M-99 and I-496/US 127 opened on 1970-12-18 completing construction.

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* Capitol Loop, a related loop associated with I-496


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* [ Interstate 496 (Michigan Highway]

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