South Carolina Highway 34

South Carolina Highway 34

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starting_terminus=jct|state=SC|US|25|US-Bus|178|dab2=Greenwood at Greenwood
ending_terminus=jct|state=SC|US|301|US|501 at Dillon

South Carolina Highway 34 is a 188.6-mile state highway that extends from Dillon in Dillon County to Greenwood in Greenwood County. The route runs generally east-to-west across most of the northern portion of the state, and is one of South Carolina's longest state highways.

Description and history

Starting at a junction with U.S. Highways 301 and 501 in Dillon, SC 34 proceeds generally southwest through an intersection with Interstate 95 and over the Great Pee Dee River and nearby marshland to Darlington. The road then runs in a generally westerly direction past Lee State Natural Area through Bishopville and Camden and roughly parallel to Interstate 20. SC 34 then proceeds to an intersection with Interstate 77 and through Winnsboro and Sumter National Forest to an intersection with Interstate 26. The road then passes through Newberry, over the Saluda River, and through Ninety Six on its way to the final junction with U.S. Highways 25 and 178 Business in Greenwood.

An original part of the South Carolina state route system, in 1922 the road ran from Darlington to Ridgeway. In 1933 the road was extended to Dillon and about 1943 a bridge over the Pee Dee river was opened. In the early 1950s the road was extended to Greenwood, creating the current configuration. SC 34 was bypassed south around Newberry in 1976 and the original route through the town remained as SC 34 Business. The first part of the road to be paved was the section though Camden in 1929. Over the next several years other parts were paved until the road was fully paved by the early 1940s. During the past several decades, much of the route has been widened to four lanes.

Cities and intersections

From east to west, SC 34 passes through or near the following cities and towns:

SC 34 intersects the following Interstate highways, U.S. highways, and major state routes in South Carolina:
*U.S. Highway 301 and U.S. Highway 501 at Dillon
*U.S. Highway 401 and South Carolina State Highway 151 at Darlington
*U.S. Highway 15 south of Hartsville
*South Carolina State Highway 341 northeast of Bishopville
*Interstate 20 west of Bishopville
*U.S. 1, U.S. Highway 521 and U.S. Highway 601 at Camden
*U.S. Highway 21 at Ridgeway
*Interstate 77 west of Ridgeway
*U.S. Highway 321 at Winnsboro
*South Carolina State Highway 215 west of Winnsboro
*U.S. Highway 176 northeast of Newberry
*Interstate 26 northeast of Newberry
*U.S. Highway 76, South Carolina State Highway 219, and South Carolina State Highway 121 at Newberry
*South Carolina State Highway 39 at Chappells
*South Carolina State Highway 702 at Greenwood Shores
*South Carolina State Highway 246 at Ninety Six
*U.S. Highway 25 and U.S. Highway 221 and U.S. Highway 178
*U.S. Highway 25 and U.S. Highway 178 Business at Greenwood


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External links

* [ Detailed route log for SC 34]
*South Carolina Department of Transportation county road maps for [ Dillon] , [ Marlboro] , [ Darlington] , [ Lee] , [ Kershaw] , [ Fairfield] , [ Newberry] , and [ Greenwood] (Adobe Acrobat reader required for maps; enlargement of maps necessary for legibility)
*Road signs for SC 34 at [] and []

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