Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island

Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island

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house_type = Unicameral
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leader1 = Kathleen Casey
party1 = Liberal Party
election1 = July 6, 2007
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members = 27
p_groups = Progressive Conservative Party
Liberal Party
election3 = May 28, 2007
meeting_place = Province House, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
website = [http://www.assembly.pe.ca/index.php www.assembly.pe.ca]

The Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island is one of two parts of the General Assembly, the other being the Lieutenant-Governor. The General Assembly meets at Province House, which is located at the intersection of Richmond and Great George Streets in Charlottetown.


The Legislative Assembly currently has 27 single-member districts.

Prior to the 1996 provincial election, the province was divided into 16 dual-member districts, each of which was represented by one member who held the title Assemblyman and one member who held the title Councillor. This was a holdover from the legislature's historic bicameral structure — instead of simply abolishing its upper house as most Canadian provinces with historically bicameral legislatures did, Prince Edward Island "merged" the two houses in 1893. Although both members sat in the same legislative house, all voters in a district voted for the assemblyman while only landowners could vote for the councillor. Excepting the division of 5th Queens, the district that contained the capital city of Charlottetown, into two districts in 1966, these district boundaries were never adjusted for demographic or population changes.

The property qualification was discontinued in 1963, largely eliminating any practical distinction between the two roles, although the nominal titles continued to be used until the current single-member districts were introduced in 1996.


Cabinet ministers are in bold, party leaders are in italic, and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is designated by a dagger.

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