Double helix

Double helix

In geometry a double helix (plural "helices") typically consists of two congruent helices with the same axis, differing by a translation along the axis, which may or may not be half-way. [ [ "Double Helix"] by Sándor Kabai, The Wolfram Demonstrations Project, 2007.]

In molecular biology, the double helix refers to the structure of DNA. The structure of DNA was first published in the journal Nature by James D. Watson and Francis Crick in 1953cite journal|title=Nature|author=Watson and Crick|date=1953|issue=171|pages=737–8] , based upon data from Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin [ [ The Structure of the DNA Molecule] ] . Crick, Wilkins and Watson each received the Nobel Prize for their contributions to the discoverycite website|title=Nobel Prize - List of All Nobel Laureates|url=] . Franklin died before her contribution could be acknowledged, and due to the fact that they cannot be awarded posthumously, never received a Nobel Prize.

The DNA double helix is a right-handed spiral polymer of nucleic acids, held together by nucleotides which base pair togethercite book|author=Alberts et al.|date=1994|title=The Molecular Biology of the Cell|isbn=978-0815341055] . A single turn of the helix constitutes ten nucleotides. The double helix structure of DNA contains a major groove and minor groove, the major groove being wider than the minor groove. Given the difference in widths of the major groove and minor groove, many proteins which bind to DNA do so through the wider major groove [cite journal |author=Pabo C, Sauer R |title=Protein-DNA recognition |journal=Annu Rev Biochem |volume=53 |pages=293–321 |year=1984 |pmid=6236744 | doi = 10.1146/ ] .

The order, or sequence, of the nucleotides in the double helix within a gene specifies the primary structure of a protein.


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