List of rivers of Belgium

List of rivers of Belgium

These are the main rivers of Belgium.

All of Belgium is drained into the North Sea, except the municipality of Momignies (Macquenoise), which is drained by the Oise river into the English Channel. Rivers that flow into the sea are sorted alphabetically. Rivers that flow into other rivers are sorted by the proximity of their points of confluence to the sea. Some rivers (e.g. Moselle, Rhine, Seine) do not flow through Belgium themselves, but they are mentioned for having Belgian tributaries. They are given in "italics". Below, the Belgian rivers are given alphabetically. See also . If the names are different in French, Dutch or German, they are given in parentheses (only given if the river comes into French, Dutch or German-speaking territory). Note for additions: Please remember to add the city where the river meets for each river. For an alphabetical overview of rivers of France, see the category .

By basin

= Meuse =

*"Grevelingen, Krammer, Volkerak" (branches in the Netherlands)
**"Dintel" (in Dintelsas, Netherlands)
***Mark (near Oudenbosch, Netherlands)
****Aa or Weerijs (in Breda, Netherlands)
*Meuse (Dutch: "Maas") (main branch at Stellendam, Netherlands)
**"Dieze" (in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)
***Dommel (in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)
**Rur (Dutch: "Roer") (in Roermond, Netherlands)
***Inde (in Jülich, Germany)
**Geul (French: "Gueule", German: "Göhl") (near Meerssen, Netherlands)
**Jeker (French: "Geer") (in Maastricht, Netherlands)
**Voer (French: "Fouron") (in Eijsden, Netherlands)
**Berwinne (Dutch: "Berwijn") (near Visé)
**Ourthe (in Liège)
***Vesdre (German: "Weser") (near Liège)
****Hoëgne (in Pepinster)
****Gileppe (in Limbourg)
***Amblève (German: "Amel") (in Comblain-au-Pont)
****Salm (in Trois-Ponts)
****Eau Rouge (near Stavelot)
****Warche (near Malmedy)
**Hoyoux (in Huy)
**Mehaigne (in Huy)
**Sambre (in Namur)
**Bocq (in Yvoir)
**Molignée (in Anhée)
**Lesse (in Dinant-Anseremme)
**Viroin (in Vireux-Molhain, France)
**Semois (in Monthermé, France)
***Rulles (near Tintigny)
****Mellier (near Marbehan)
****Mandebras (near Rulles)
**Chiers (in Bazeilles, France)


*"Rhine" (main branch at Hoek van Holland, Netherlands)
**"Moselle" (in Koblenz, Germany)
***Sauer (French: "Sûre") (in Wasserbillig, Luxembourg)
****Our (in Wallendorf, Germany)
****"Alzette" (in Ettelbrück, Luxembourg)
*****Attert (in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg)


*Scheldt (Dutch: "Schelde", French: "Escaut") (near Flushing, Netherlands)
**Rupel (in Rupelmonde)
***Nete (in Rumst)
****Kleine Nete (in Lier)
*****Aa (in Grobbendonk)
*****Wamp (in Kasterlee)
****Grote Nete (in Lier)
*****Wimp (in Herenthout)
*****Molse Nete (in Geel)
*****Laak (in Westerlo)
***Dijle (French: "Dyle") (in Rumst)
****Zenne (French: "Senne") (near Mechelen)
*****Maalbeek (in Grimbergen)
*****Woluwe (in Vilvoorde)
******Kleine Maalbeek (in Kraainem)
*****Maalbeek (French: "Maelbeek") (in Schaerbeek)
*****Molenbeek (in Brussels-Laken)
*****Neerpedebeek (in Anderlecht-Neerpede)
*****Zuun (in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw-Zuun)
*****Geleytsbeek (in Drogenbos)
*****Linkebeek (in Drogenbos)
*****Molenbeek (in Lot)
*****Senette (in Tubize)
******Hain (in Tubize)
******Samme (in Braine-le-Comte-Ronquières)
*******Thines (in Nivelles)
****Demer (near Rotselaar)
*****Velp (in Halen)
*****Gete (in Halen)
******Grote Gete (in Zoutleeuw)
******Kleine Gete (in Zoutleeuw)
*****Herk (in Herk-de-Stad)
****Voer (in Leuven)
****IJse (in Huldenberg-Neerijse)
****Nethen (in Grez-Doiceau-Nethen)
****Laan (in Huldenberg-Terlanen-Sint-Agatha-Rode)
*****Zilverbeek (in Rixensart-Genval)
****Thyle (in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve)
*****Orne (in Court-Saint-Etienne)
******Houssière (in Mont-Saint-Guibert)
**Durme (near Temse)
**Dender (French: "Dendre") (in Dendermonde)
***Mark (French: "Marcq") (in Lessines)
***Ruisseau d'Ancre (in Lessines)
***Zulle (in Ath)
***Oostelijke Dender (in Ath)
***Westelijke Dender (in Ath)
**Lys (Dutch: "Leie") (in Ghent)
***Mandel (in Wielsbeke)
***Gaverbeek (in Kortrijk)
***Douve (in Comines-Warneton)
**Rooigembeek (in Gavere)
**Zwalm (in Zwalm)
**Rone (in Kluisbergen)
***Rhosne (in Ronse)
**Haine (in Condé-sur-l'Escaut, France)
***Hogneau (in Condé-sur-l'Escaut)
****Honelle (in Quiévrain)
*****Aunelle (..)
*****Grande Honelle (..)
*****Petite Honelle (..)
***Trouille (in Mons)
***Obrecheuil (near Mons)


* "Seine" (entering the English Channel in an estuary between Le Havre and Honfleur)
** Oise (near Paris, France)


*Yser (Dutch: "IJzer") (in Nieuwpoort)
** Ieperlee (in Diksmuide)

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