Alabama State Route 69

Alabama State Route 69

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State Route 69 is a 259-mile long route that extends from the southwestern to the northeastern parts of the state. The southern terminus of the route is at a junction with State Route 177 at Jackson. The northern terminus of the route is at its junction with U.S. Highway 431 and State Route 79 at Guntersville.

Route description

State Route 69 has a rather irregular trajectory for much of its route. From its origin at Jackson, the routes leads northwestwardly as it leads through Clarke County. In the northern part of the county, the route turns northeastward as it approaches Linden.

North of Linden, State Route 69 assumes a general northward trajectory, passing through Greensboro as it leads towards Tuscaloosa, the largest city the route passes through. At Tuscaloosa, State Route 69 is routed along Interstate 359 north of the junction of I-359 and Interstate 20/59. I-359 and State Route 69 share a wrong-way concurrency with U.S. Highway 11 as they lead into downtown Tuscaloosa.

North of Tuscaloosa and Northport, State Route 69 continues northward as it leads towards Jasper. At Jasper, State Route 69 and State Route 5 share a wrong-way concurrency along the former route of U.S. Highway 78.

North of Jasper, State Route 69 resumes its northeastward trajectory as it leads towards Cullman. South of Cullman, the route junctions Interstate 65 and shares a five-mile long concurrency with the interstate route. State Route 69 is one of only two signed state routes that is co-routed along a stretch of interstate highway in Alabama. (State Route 5, along with U.S. Highway 11, are co-routed with Interstate 20/59 between West Blocton and Bessemer).

As State Route 69 leads northward from Cullman, it continues its northeastward orientation. It passes through Arab before turning eastward as it approaches its terminus at Guntersville.

Counties traversed

* Clarke County
* Marengo County
* Hale County
* Tuscaloosa County
* Walker County
* Cullman County
* Marshall County

Cities and towns along the route

* Jackson
* Linden
* Greensboro
* Moundville
* Tuscaloosa
* Northport
* Oakman
* Jasper
* Dodge City
* Cullman
* Arab
* Guntersville

Major intersections

* U.S. Highway 43 at Jackson
* U.S. Highway 84 at Coffeeville
* State Route 10 at Nanafalia
* U.S. Highway 43 at Linden. The two routes overlap until they split at Providence in Marengo County
* State Route 28 at Linden
* U.S. Highway 80 near Prairieville in western Hale County.
* State Routes 14, 25, and 61 at Greensboro
* Interstate 359 and U.S. Highway 11 at Tuscaloosa. Northbound I-359 and SR-69 are co-routed with southbound US-11 until they junction with US-43 near the campus of the University of Alabama south of downtown Tuscaloosa.
* Interstate 20/59 at Tuscaloosa
* A third junction with U.S. Highway 43 at the northern terminus of I-359. US-43 and SR-69 overlap until they split in Northport.
* U.S. Highway 82 in Northport
* State Route 18 at Oakman
* Future Interstate 22/Corridor X/U.S. Highway 78 near Jasper.
* State Route 269 at Jasper
* State Route 118 west of Jasper
* State Route 5 in Jasper. Northbound SR-69 is co-routed with southbound SR-5 along the former route of US-78 through Jasper. SR-5 and SR-69 split near the southeastern city limits of Jasper.
* State Route 195 at Jasper
* Interstate 65 in southern Cullman County at Exit 299. SR-69 is routed on I-65 between Exits 299 and 304.
* U.S. Highway 31 at Cullman. US-31 and SR-69 are co-routed as they approach downtown Cullman.
* U.S. Highway 278 at Cullman. US-278 and SR-69 are co-routed as they head east from downtown Cullman. The two routes split east of Cullman.
* State Route 157 east of Cullman
* State Route 67 at Joppa
* U.S. Highway 231 via overpass at Arab


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