Cantonese (disambiguation)

Cantonese (disambiguation)

Cantonese generally refers to people or things associated with a region around Guangdong Province of China.

* Cantonese, or Yue Chinese, a language belonging to the Chinese language family.
* Standard Cantonese, or Canton dialect, commonly spoken in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau
* Cantonese cuisine, one of the various branches of Chinese cuisine
* Cantonese Opera, a type of Chinese Opera from Guangdong
* Cantonese people, a people who reside, or have ancestral roots, in Guangdong Province
* Cantopop, Cantonese pop music

ee also

* Yue 越, which is homonymous with Yue (粵)/Cantonese in English transcription.
* List of Cantonese-related topics

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