Bubblegum dance

Bubblegum dance

Bubblegum dance (also known as happy house) is a type of Euro House, a.k.a. Eurodance music that usually has cute lyrics and happy sounds. Bubblegum dance usually has a more pop sound than other Eurodance. The lyrics and style are often silly and should not be taken seriously, but are often amusing and cheerful.

The name "bubblegum" dance was probably coined due to the similarities with the 1950s pop music, in which the women artists often appeared in photos with a pink bubblegum balloon in their mouth and exaggerated, wide and colorful skirts. Subsequent pop styles have also been silly and cheerful, such as 1980s pop music. Usually females sing the chorus, in a rather high-pitched tone, and males help with the rap vocals, which are sung in a low tone. This represents the stratification of the natural sexes into social groups and roles. The happy' concept in pop culture originates from the music industry, because it has targeted its products to teenagers, attempting to produce artists, whose style would correspond with the taste of children from 13 to 18 years and result in high sales.

Bubblegum dance is similar to bubblegum pop music in that they both have fun, rather childish subjects. Music that fits into the bubblegum dance genre has more of an electronic dance sound, rather than pop.


Bubblegum dance was really first heard in 1995 when Danish duo Me & My released their song "Dub I Dub" and then their Album "Me & My". Their style was bouncy and fun — small high pitched voices surrounded by thumping beats and sugar-coated lyrics — and soon other groups began to echo their sound.

The style was first really recognised worldwide in 1996/1997 when Aqua (Denmark/Norway) released their album "Aquarium". Due to their huge success, many artists began to release music of the same style and Scandinavia became the leader for this style. However, this type of music comes from all over the world, with many artists still releasing this style today.

List of artists

* Aqua
* Bambee
* Banaroo
* Befour
* Caramell
* Carlito
* Cartoons
* Ch!pz
* Crazy Loop
* Creamy
* Crispy
* Daze
* Djumbo
* Fast Food Rockers
* Fey (singer)
* Girls' Generation (SM Korean group)
* Dr. Bombay
* Dr. MacDoo
* Hit'n'Hide
* Joga
* Lene Alexandra
* Little Trees
* Lolly
* Me & My
* Miss Papaya
* Ni-Ni
* Passion Fruit
* Scooch
* Smile.dk (formerly Smile)
* Smiles & More
* Tiggy
* Toy-Box
* Vengaboys
* Yummie
* Yumm Yumm

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