Aftermath is an agricultural term meaning the grass growing after the first cut of hay. It is now more commonly used figuratively to mean that which happens after a major event.

Aftermath may also refer to:


* "The Aftermath" (novella), an unpublished novella by Stephen King
* "Aftermath" (Peter Robinson novel)
* Aftermath (comics), a superhero-based imprint of Devil's Due Publishing
* "", a book of photographs and text by Joel Meyerowitz
* "Aftermath", a novel by Charles Sheffield
* "Aftermath", a novel by LeVar Burton


* "Aftermath" (short film), a horror film directed by Nacho Cerdà
* "The Aftermath" (1982 film), an independent science fiction film starring Sid Haig
* "Aftermath" (2001 film), a television movie starring Meredith Baxter
* "Aftermath" (2008 film), a forthcoming crime drama film starring Anthony Michael Hall and Elisabeth Röhm
* "Aftermath" (2009 film), a feature film starring Clayton Champagne
* "", a television movie about the Hi-Fi Murders


* "The Aftermath" ("30 Rock" episode)
* "The Aftermath" ("The O.C." episode)
* "The Aftermath" ("Dynasty"), an episode of "Dynasty"
* "Aftermath", an episode of "Blake's 7"
* "", a mini-series
* "", a National Geographic Special



* Aftermath, a 1960s American band included on the compilation "Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 20"
* The Aftermath (band), a popular Irish band


* "Aftermath" (Aes Dana album)
* "Aftermath" (Rolling Stones album), by The Rolling Stones
* "The Aftermath" (Da Youngsta's album)
* "The Aftermath" (Dystopia album)
* "Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath"


* "Aftermath" (R.E.M. song)
* "Aftermath" (The Orb song)
* "Aftermath" (Phish song)
* "Aftermath", a song by Nightmares on Wax from ""
* "Aftermath", a song by Tricky from "Maxinquaye"
* "The Aftermath", a song by Iron Maiden from "The X Factor" album
* "The Aftermath", a song by Kashmir from "Zitilites"
* "Aftermath", a song by Yngwie Malmsteen from the album "I can't wait"


* Aftermath Entertainment, an American record label founded by Dr. Dre
* Aftermath Music, a Norwegian record label


* "Aftermath!", a science fiction role-playing game
* "Aftermath", an expansion pack for ""
* "", the original name of the video game "Half-Life 2: Episode One"
* "", a real-time strategy and tactics game

Other uses

* The Aftermath, a season of the Discordian calendar

ee also

* "AfterMASH", an American sitcom

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