BPO is an abbreviation that can refer to:
* Broker Price Opinion, an estimate of the value of real property based on recent sales research by a real estate broker or real estate agent, typically ordered by a bank, lender, or investor to determine the market value of the property.

* Business Process Outsourcing, the increasing trend of relocating entire business functions to either self-owned or third-party service providers, typically in low-cost locations - "higher end BPO functions are also called knowledge process outsourcing."
** Business Process Owner - the owner of a business process
** Business Practices Officer - The Officer within a company that is responsible for investigations into business policy breaches that are Ethical, Compliance and Criminal related.
* Bail Prestor Organa - "Star Wars" character portrayed by Jimmy Smits in latter 2 prequels.
* the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
* the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
* Benzoyl peroxide
* Bitter Party of One - unknown origin
* Blueprint Original - This phrase is often used as a synonym for an unaltered first draft and is sometimes abbrevieted to BPO.
* Burbank Punk Organization A gang known in Burbank, California, USA, since at least the 1980s. 'BPO' may also be an acronym for other gang names in Burbank, beginning in the late 1980s.
* Bond pad opening - Unpassivated area of the bond pad where the actual ball bonds are ultrasonically welded
* Built in Product Obsolescence , a modern urban legend on modern consumer products, especially consumer electronics, that break down and have the owner to replace them periodically.

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