Jungang Line

Jungang Line

Infobox rail line
name = 중앙선
Jungang Line
type = subway/passenger/freight
status =
start = Cheongnyangni
end = Gyeongju
stations = 82
open = 1942
owner = Korea Rail Network Authority
operator = Korail
linelength = 387.2km
gauge = RailGauge|sg
el = 218.8km (AC 25000V 60Hz)

The Jungang Line is a railway line connecting Cheongnyangni to Gyeongju in South Korea. Major stations along the line include:

*Cheongnyangni on the Gyeongwon Line in eastern Seoul, the starting point for passenger trains on the Jungang Line;
*Bongyang, the terminus of the Chungbuk Line;
*Jecheon, the terminus of the Taebaek Line. All Chungbuk Line trains departs from here due to the location of Bongyang Station.;
*Yeongju, the terminus of the Yeongdong and Gyeongbuk Lines;
*Andong, where most passenger trains from Seoul terminate;
*Yeongcheon, the terminus of the Daegu Line; and
*Gyeongju on the Donghae Nambu Line (from Gyeongju, some trains continue south on the Donghae Nambu Line to Bujeon Station of Busan).

Before KTX era, trans-Korean Tongil-ho train was operated along Jungang and Donghae Nambu Line. Now this wearisome 12-hour train was separated into two parts.

"Jungang" means "central" in Korean, and describes the line's route through the mountains in the east-central part of South Korea.

eoul Metropolitan Subway section

In 2005, parts of the Gyeongwon Line (from Yongsan to Hoegi Station) and the Jungang Line (from Hoegi to Deokso) was opened for commuter rail service under the interim name Yongsan-Deokso Line. In late 2007, Paldang Station became the new eastern terminus with the addition of two more stations, and was officially named the Jungang Line, although the commuter railway actually incorporates parts of "both" Gyeongwon and Jungang Lines.

The commuter railway will eventually be extended to Yongmun Station in the county of Yangpyeong.

Infobox Korean name
title = Seoul Subway Jungang Line
color = #00CCCC
fontcolor = #ffffff

caption = Transfer Sign
rr = Seoul Jihacheol Jungangseon
mr = Sŏul Chihach'ŏl Chungangsŏn
hangul = 서울 지하철 중앙선
hanja = 서울 地下鐵 中央線

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