1981 in poetry

1981 in poetry

in?=in poetry
in2?=in literature
cp=19th century
c=20th century
cf=21st century



* Final issue of "L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E" Magazine published.
* First issue of Conjunctions literary journal published.
* This year, "the word 'Martianism' came into use, through the verse of Craig Raine and his associates, presenting a vision of life on Earth as seen by a visiting Martian," the "1982 Britannica Book of the Year" reported (page 504). Some noted that "Martianism" is an anagram for one of Raine's associates, Martin Amis.

Works published in English


* R. Hall, editor, "Collins Book of Australian Poetry", anthologyPreminger, Alex and T.V.F. Brogan, et al., editors, "The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics", 1993, Princeton University Press and MJF Books, "Australian Poetry" article, Anthologies section, p 108]
* H. Heseltine, editor, "Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse", anthology
* L. Kramer, "Oxford History of Australian Literature" (scholarship)


* Margaret Atwood, "True Stories"
* Roo Borson, "A Sad Device", ISBN 0-86495-011-X, American-Canadian
* Louis Dudek, "Cross-Section: Poems 1940-80"
* Gwen Hauser, "Gophers and Swans"
* P.K. Page, "Evening Dance of the Grey Flies"
* Stephen Scobie, "A Grand Memory For Forgetting"
* Stephen Scobie and Douglas Barbour:
** "The Pirates of Pen's Chance: Homolinguistic Translations"
** "The Maple Laugh Forever: An Anthology of Canadian Comic Poetry" (Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers)
* F.R. Scott, "The Collected Poems of F.R. Scott"
* Raymond Souster, "Collected Poems of Raymond Souster, Volume Two, 1955-62"

United Kingdom

* Roberta Berke, "Bounds out of Bounds: A Compass for Recent American and British Poetry", Oxford University Press, criticism [Web page titled [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=3809 "Archives / Kenneth Koch (1925 - 2002)"] , "Further Readings" section, at Poetry Foundation website, accessed May 15, 2008]
* James Fenton, "Dead Soldiers", Sycamore Press, [http://www.jamesfenton.com/books/] Web page titled "Books by Fenton" at the James Fenton Web site, accessed October 11, 2007]
* John Heath-Stubbs, editor, "Selected Poems of Thomas Gray"
* Derek Mahon, "Courtyards in Delft." Gallery Press
* Elizabeth Smart, "Ten Poems"
* "The Faber Book of Christian Verse"

United States

* A.R. Ammons, "A Coast of Trees"
* John Ashbery, "Shadow Train"
* Ted Berrigan, "In a Blue River"
* Joseph Brodsky: "Verses on the Winter Campaign 1980", translation by Alan Meyers. – London: Anvil Press [http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1987/brodsky-bibl.html] Web page titled "Joseph Brodsky / Nobel Prize in Literature 1987 / Bibliography" at the "Official Web Site of the Nobel Foundation", accessed October 18, 2007] Russian-American
* Gwendolyn Brooks:
** "Black Love"
** "To Disembark"
* Gregory Corso, "Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit", his first collection in 11 years
* Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "Endless Life: Selected Poems"
* Philip Levine, "One for the Rose"
* Michael Palmer, "Notes For Echo Lake" (North Point Press)
* Sylvia Plath, "The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath", Ted Hughes, editor, containing 224 poems in chronological order (posthumous)
* Marie Ponsot, "Admit Impediment"
* Michael Ryan, "In Winter" (Holt)
* Gilbert Sorrentino, "Selected Poems 1958-1980"
* Gerald Stern, "The Red Coal"
* Richard L. Tierney, "Collected Poems"
* Michael Van Walleghen, "More Trouble With the Obvious"
* David Wagoner, "One for the Rose"
* Rosmarie Waldrop, "Nothing Has Changed" (Awede Press)
* Robert Penn Warren, "Rumor Verified: Poems 1979-1980"
*Shel Silverstein, "A Light in the Attic" a collection of children's poetry

Criticism, scholarship and biography in the United States

* John Hollander:
** "Rhyme's Reason: A Guide to English Verse", criticism
** "The Figure of Echo", criticism

Other in English

* Alistair Campbell, "Collected Poems", Hazard, ISBN 1-877393-00-2, New Zealand
* Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin: "The Rose Geranium", Dublin: The Gallery Press, IrelandWeb page titled [http://www.gallerypress.com/Authors/ENchuilleanain/enchuill.html "Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin"] at The Gallery Press website, accessed May 4, 2008]
* Thomas McCarthy, "The Sorrow Garden", Anvil Press, London, Ireland [http://ireland.poetryinternationalweb.org/piw_cms/cms/cms_module/index.php?obj_id=9272 Web page titled "Thomas McCarthy"] at the Poetry International Website, accessed May 2, 2008]
* C. K. Stead, "In the Glass Case", criticism, New ZealandPreminger, Alex and T.V.F. Brogan, et al., editors, "The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics", 1993, Princeton University Press and MJF Books, "New Zealand Poetry" article, "History and Criticism" section, p 837]

Works published in other languages

French language


* Alain Bosquet:
** "Poèmes, deux"
** "Sonnets pour une fin de siècle"
* Jean Cayrol, "Poésie-Journal"

* Charles le Quintrec, "La Lumière et l'argile"
* Jacques Roubaud, "Dors"
* Jacques Roubaud and Florence Delay, "Merlin l'enchanteur"


* V. Hage, editor, "Lyrik für Leser: Deutsche Gedichte der siebziger Jahre", anthologyPreminger, Alex and T.V.F. Brogan, et al., editors, "The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics", 1993, Princeton University Press and MJF Books, "German Poetry" article, "Anthologies in German" section, pp 473-474]
* Heinz Toni Hamm, "Poesie und kommunikative Praxis" (scholarship)Preminger, Alex and T.V.F. Brogan, et al., editors, "The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics", 1993, Princeton University Press and MJF Books, "German Poetry" article, "Criticism in German" section, p 474]
* Klaus Weissenberger, editor, "Die deutsche Lyrik, 1945-1975" (scholarship)


* A. Hillel, "Devareiy"
* Gavriel Preil, a new collection"Britannica Book of the Year 1982", published by Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., 1982, "Literature" section, "Jewish" subsection, page 518; the article does not specify the names of all works, or, in the case of "new poets" whether a work was even written or whether the poet was just published in a periodical; perhaps this information can be added from other sources]
* Avot Yeshurun, a new collection
* S. Shalom, a new collection
* Yehuda Amichai, "Shalva gedola, she'elot uteshuvot"
* Robert Whitehill, a "new poet"
* Peretz Banai, a "new poet"
* Esther Ettinger, a "new poet"
* Yosef Yehezkel, a "new poet"
* Aharon Shabtai, a new collection
* Mordecai Geldman, a new collection
* Hannah Barzilai, a new collection
* Batsheva Sharif, a new collection
* Michael Senunit, a new collection
* Menachem Ben, a new collection


* Eugenio Montale, "L'opera in versi"
* Carlo Betocchi, "Poesie del sabato"
* Maria Luisa Spaziani, "Geometria del disordine"
* Giovanni Guidici, "Il ristorante dei morti"
* Amelia Rosselli:
** "Primi scritti 1952-1965"
** "Impromptu"

Portuguese language


* Herberto Helder, "Poesia Toda"
* A. Pinheiro Torre, "O Ressentimento dum Ocidental"


* Carlos Drummond de Andrade, "A paixão medida"
* João Cabral de Melo Neto, "A escola das faces"
* Adélia Prado, "Terra de Santa Cruz"
* Mário da Silva, several volumes of poetry

panish language


* Antonio Abad, "Misericor de mí"
* Matilde Camus:
** "He seguido tus huellas" ("I have followed your footprints")
** "Testigo de tu marcha" ("Witness of your departure")
* Concha Lagos, "Teoría de la inseguridad"
* Vincente Presa, "Teoría de los límites"
* Pablo Virumbrales, "Cancionero del vaso"


Criticism, scholarship and biography in Yiddish

* Itskhak Janoswicz, "Avrom Sutzkever, His Poetry and Prose"
* "The Lexicon of Modern Yiddish Literature", the eighth and final volume
* Khaim Leyb Fuks, "Biographical Dictionary of Hebrew and Yiddish Writers" in Canada



* Stein Mehren, "Den usynlige regnbuen" (Norway)
* Karl Vennberg, "Bilder I-XXVI" (Sweden)
* Goran Sonnevi, "Små klanger; en rőst" (Sweden)
* Eva Runefelt, "Augusti" (Sweden)

Awards and honors


* Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry: Alan Gould, "Astral Sea"


* Gerald Lampert Award
* See 1981 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
* Pat Lowther Award

=United Kingdom=

* Cholmondeley Award: Roy Fisher, Robert Garioch, Charles Boyle
* Eric Gregory Award: Alan Jenkins, Simon Rae, Marion Lomax, Philip Gross, Kathleen Jamie, Mark Abley, Roger Crowley, Ian Gregson
* Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry: D. J. Enright
* Hawthornden Prize: Christopher Reid

United States

* Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize: Kathy Calloway, "Heart of the Garfish"
* Bernard F. Connors Prize for Poetry: Frank Bidart, "The War of Vaslav Nijinsky"
* Bollingen Prize (United States): Howard Nemerov and May Swenson
* Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (later the post would be called "Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress"): Maxine Kumin appointed this year.
* MacArthur Fellowships: A.R. Ammons, Joseph Brodsky, Robert Penn Warren
* National Book Award for poetry (United States): Lisel Mueller, "The Need to Hold Still"
* National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry: A.R. Ammons, "A Coast of Trees" (Norton)
* Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress: Maxine Kumin appointed
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: James Schuyler: "The Morning of the Poem"
* Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets: Richard Hugo
* Walt Whitman Award: Alberto Ríos, "Whispering to Fool the Wind" (Sheep Meadow Press) Judge: Donald Justice


* April 26 — Robert Garioch (b. 1909)
* September 12 — Eugenio Montale, 85, Italian poet, prose writer, editor and translator, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1975.
* October 30 — George Brassens, French
* dates not known:
** John Glassco
** Takis Sinopoulos, Greek


* "Britannica Book of the Year 1982" ("for events of 1981"), published by "Encyclopaedia Britannica" 1982 (source of many items in "Works published" section and rarely in other sections)

ee also

* Poetry
* List of years in poetry
* List of poetry awards

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