Lord Emsworth and Others

Lord Emsworth and Others

"Lord Emsworth and Others" is a collection of nine short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, first published in the UK on March 19 1937 by Herbert Jenkins, London. The U.S. equivalent was published with a rather different content on June 25 1937 by Doubleday Doran, New York, under the title "Crime Wave at Blandings". Penguin Books published an edition in 1966. The stories had all previously appeared in periodicals on both sides of the Atlantic.

As well as the Blandings Castle-set titular story, it also contains stories about Mr Mulliner, Oldest Member golf, Drones Club member Freddie Widgeon, and Ukridge.


# "The Crime Wave at Blandings" (Blandings Castle)
#* US: "Saturday Evening Post", October 10 & October 17 1936
#* UK: "Strand", January 1937
# "Buried Treasure" (Mr Mulliner)
#* UK: "Strand", September 1936
#* US: "This Week", September 27 1936 (as "Hidden Treasure")
# "The Letter of the Law" (Oldest Member golf)
#* US: "Redbook", February 1936
#* UK: "Strand", April 1936
# "Farewell to Legs" (Oldest Member golf)
#* US: "This Week", July 14 1935
#* UK: "Strand", May 1936
# "There's Always Golf" (Oldest Member golf)
#* UK: "Strand", March 1936
#* US: "Redbook", April 1936 (as "Not Out of Distance")
# "The Masked Troubadour" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
#* US: "Saturday Evening Post", November 28 1936 (as "Reggie and the Greasy Bird", with different setting & characters)
#* UK: "Strand", December 1936
# "Ukridge and the Home from Home" (Ukridge)
#* US: "Cosmopolitan", February 1931
#* UK: "Strand", June 1931
# "The Come-back of Battling Billson" (Ukridge)
#* US: "Cosmopolitan", June 1931
#* UK: "Strand", July 1931
# "The Level Business Head" (Ukridge)
#* US: "Liberty" February 1926
#* UK: "Strand", May 1926

The U.S. version, "Crime Wave at Blandings", was missing the three Ukridge stories (which appeared in the U.S. edition of "Eggs, Beans, and Crumpets" (1940) and the three Oldest Member golf stories (which appeared in the U.S. edition of "Young Men in Spats" (1936). In their place were "Tried in the Furnace" (from the UK edition of "Young Men in Spats"), and "All's Well With Bingo" and "Romance at Droitgate Spa" (both in the UK "Eggs, Beans, and Crumpets"), as well as the novella "The Medicine Girl", published separately in the UK as "Doctor Sally" (1932).

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