New Zealand Music Awards

New Zealand Music Awards

The New Zealand Music Awards show, is a major annual New Zealand music event where musical acts and singers are awarded each year. It has occurred every year since 1965 to outstanding New Zealand musicians and groups. The awards show is sponsored by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ), and Vodafone New Zealand.


History and overview

The first awards for recorded music were given in 1965. The concept was co-founded by the New Zealand Broadcasting Service (NZBS) and soap manufacturer Reckitt & Colman. Initially a single award was given for the best album. These early awards were known as 'The Loxene Gold Disc'.

Additional categories were gradually added, with an award for producer being first given in 1969.

The Loxene awards continued until 1972 when the NZFPI decided to institute its own system; these awards became known as RATAs - an acronym for Recording Arts Talent Awards. From 1978 the awards became known as the RIANZ Awards after the NZFPI changed its name to the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. In 1999 the name of the awards was changed again, to ‘The Tuis’ after the trophy that was presented to winners. In recent years, and since 2005 it has officially become known as the New Zealand Music Awards (NZMA)'S.

In 2008 the awards ceremony moved to Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. Prior to this move the event was invitation only, and the increased size of the Vector Arena enabled the event to be attended both by invitation and by the public through sale tickets. The show began television viewing of the ceremony in 2004.


The awards have been hosted by various New Zealand personalities and celebrities throughout the years.

2009 - Dai Henwood

2010 - Shannon Ryan and co host, Ben Hurley


The show is currently sponsored by Vodafone New Zealand who has viewing credits with the awards show. Up until 2008 the awards show was commonly referred to as the "Tui Awards", but now is officially known as the New Zealand Music Awards or simply the VNZMA'S.

Winners by year


For the record: a history of the recording industry in New Zealand. ISBN 1-86953-508-1

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