Sveriges fridsföreningarnas centralorganisation

Sveriges fridsföreningarnas centralorganisation

SFC (in Swedish: Sveriges Fridsföreningarnas Centralorganisation) is The Central Association of the Swedish Associations of Peace. It is part of conservative laestadians organization. It has five associations of peace in Sweden and one in Norway. It has sister organizations in Finland, Estonia and North America.


*Borås fridsförening
*Mälardalens fridsförening
*Norrbottens fridsförening
*Dalarnas fridsförening
*Stockholms fridsförening
*Oslos fridsförening (in Norway)

ee also

*Conservative Laestadianism
*Laestadianism in America
*Association of Peace
*SRK, Suomen rauhanyhdistysten keskusyhdistys
*Eesti luterlik rahuühendus
*Laestadian Lutheran Church

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