Kush or Cush or Coosh may refer to:

  • Kingdom of Kush, an ancient nation in northeastern Africa comprising large areas within present-day Egypt, Sudan and South Sudan
  • Hindu Kush, a mountain range in Afghanistan
  • Kush (cannabis), a family of potent cannabis strains named for the Hindu Kush
  • Kush (film), an indy film about the potent cannabis strain
  • Kush (band), American rap metal band
  • The Kush, an album by the rapper Havoc
  • Kush Games, a now-defunct game development studio
  • "Kush" (Sanctuary), an episode of the science fiction series Sanctuary
  • Kush Housing Association, a social landlord in London, England
  • Kush (maize), a cornmeal preparation similar to grits or polenta
  • "Kush" (Dr. Dre song), a single by Dr. Dre
  • Kush Republic, an alternative name proposed for South Sudan
  • Kushwaha or Kashshi, an agriculturist (peasant) people of India.
  • Maurya founders of a very extensive empire of India and central asia.


  • Kassites, an ethnic group who controlled Mesopotamia during early biblical times (late 16th century to mid 12th century BC). Herodotus and other ancient Greek writers often confused them with the NE African Kush.
  • Cush (Bible), a grandson of Noah in the Hebrew Bible
  • Kusha (Ramayana), one of the twin sons of Lord Rama and Sita
  • Kundan Singh Kush (1881–1967), Arya Samaj missionary
  • Frank Kush (born 1929), American football coach
  • Vladimir Kush (born 1965), Russian painter

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