Omni is a Latin prefix meaning "all" or "every." Omni may also refer to:



  • Dodge Omni, a vehicle manufactured by Chrysler from 1978–1990
  • Maruti Omni, a vehicle manufactured by Maruti Udyog in India

Organizations and businesses

  • Omni Coliseum, a large indoor arena located in Atlanta, Georgia, demolished in 1997
  • The Omni Development, a large residential complex proposed for construction in Miami, Florida
  • The Omni Group, a software developer
  • Omni Hotels, a North American hotel chain
  • Omni Air International, an American charter airline
  • Omni - Aviacao e Tecnologia, a Portuguese charter airline
  • Omni Superstore, former discount grocery store chain owned by Dominick's in the Chicago, Illinois market area
  • Omni International Mall, in downtown Miami, Florida, closed in 2000
  • Omni Bank (California), Chinese bank with branches in the U.S.
  • Omnicell, a US technology company that manufactures automation products for the medical industry
  • Omnisport, a global news service providing multi-platform content to partners for use online, on mobile devices or broadcast media
  • Omnitel, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Baltics
  • Omnitel Pronto-Italia, the former name of an Italian mobile telephony operator Vodafone Italy

Arts and entertainment

  • Omni (album), a 2010 album by indie rock group Minus the Bear
  • Omni (magazine), a science and science fiction magazine published from 1978 to 1995
  • Omni Television, a Canadian television network owned by Rogers Communications
  • Omni, a fictional time travel device used in the 1980s TV series Voyagers!
  • Omni, a fictional villain in the television series Power Rangers: S.P.D.
  • The OmniBrain, a character in the computer game The Feeble Files

Other uses

  • Omni (Miami), a neighborhood in Miami, Florida
  • OMNI (SCIP), a device for secure voice and data communications over telephone lines
  • OmniWeb, a web browser developed by The Omni Group for the Mac OS X operating system
  • Omni wheel, a design for a wheel

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