Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

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foundation = 1989
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The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia ( _ru. "Либерально-Демократическая Партия России", "Liberal'no-Demokraticheskaya Partiya Rossii") (or LDPR) is a political party in Russia. It has been led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky almost since its founding, in 1989, as the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union. The LDPR describes itself as a centrist, pro-reform democratic party; however, it is often regarded, especially in the foreign media, as an ultranationalist party [ [ BBC NEWS | Europe | Moscow Diary: Campaign circus ] ] . The LDPR states that its main political opponents are Yabloko and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). It describes itself as an opposition party however its deputies hardly ever voted against the Putin government. It received a plurality of the vote in the 1993 Russian Duma elections. In the early 1990s, the party was accused of receiving funding from Russian President Boris Yeltsin's administration. Same accusations were made about its current relationship with the Putin government.

History of creation

The party was a joint project of CPSU leadership and the KGB according to former CPSU Politburo member Alexander Nikolaevich Yakovlev. Yakovlev wrote in his memories that KGB director Vladimir Kryuchkov presented the project of the puppet LDPR party at a meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev and informed him about a selection of LDPR leaders. According to Yakovlev, the name of the party was invented by KGB General Philipp Bobkov. However Bobkov said that he was against the creation of this "Zubatov's pseudo-party under KGB control that directs interests and sentiments of certain social groups" [ Alexander Nikolaevich Yakovlev "Time of darkness", Moscow, 2003, ISBN 5-85646-097-9, page 574 ( _ru. Яковлев А. Сумерки. Москва: Материк 2003 г.). The book provides an official copy of a document providing the initial LDPR funding (3 million rubles) from the CPSU money]


The LDPR's main proposals include: [] [] :
*the reunification of some of the former Soviet Republics under a unitary state, with a strong presidency, 15 appointed governors, and a single official language (i.e., Russian);
*reform and consolidation of Russia's judicial system;
*capital punishment for those convicted of terrorism, premeditated murder, and other serious crimes;
*the abolition of "non-traditional" and "fanatic" religious sects in Russia;
*state ownership of strategic sectors of the economy, particularly natural resources, alcohol, tobacco, and agriculture;
*lower taxes for domestic producers;
*the right to work;
*radical reform of the social insurance system;
*state support for science-intensive technologies and agriculture;
*the abolition of government corruption;
*Russian economic sovereignty/protectionism
*control of all agricultural land by the state.

Electoral results

* 1991 presidential elections - 8%
* 1993 Duma elections - 23%
* 1995 Duma elections - 11%
* 1996 presidential elections - 6%
* 1999 Duma elections - 5.98% (it contested them as the 'Zhirinovsky Bloc')
* 2000 presidential elections - 2.7%
* 2003 Duma elections - 12%
* 2004 presidential election (Zhirinovsky decided not to run, his first deputy Oleg Malyshkin ran instead) - 2%
* 2007 Duma elections - 8.8%
* 2008 presidential election - 9.35% ("preliminary information")

Anthem of LDPR

Words by M. Peregudov on the National Anthem of Russia melody.

"Free-style translation": Through her deeds and by her word shall Russia revive herself,: With a new leader, who's worthy and honest,: With a strong party of whom her enemies are afraid,: For the good of the homeland and for free living.

:: There is a limit to how much we will put up with —:: So now we choose the LDPR.

:This is our way of restoring Russia,:With a party that is tough, smart and united.:For long enough have our people been on their knees,:And have had to bury their righteous sons.

::Down with excess and with cruelty down — ::On this the LDPR will help Russia.

:This is our way of restoring Russia,:With a party that is tough, smart and united.

:: There is a limit to how much we will put up with, —:: So now we choose the LDPR.

:: Now we choose the L D P R.

See also

* List of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia deputies in the State Duma


External links

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* [ Official Website] ru icon
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