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Sallaans (Dutch: "Sallands") is the Dutch name for the local Dutch Low Saxon dialect of the region Salland, in the west of the province Overijssel, which is in the east of the Netherlands. The native word for this dialect, as in all Low Saxon-speaking regions in the Netherlands, is Plat. Both in common Dutch and in German this word has taken on the meaning of any non-standard, local variety of the official language.

ome examples

Present tense

Ik loopeIk loopI walk
Ie looptJij looptYou walk
Hee / Zie lup(t)Hij / Zij looptHe / she walks
Wie loopt / loop'n Wij lopenWe walk
Jullie / Juulu loopt / loop'nJullie lopenYou walk (plural)
Zie loopt / loop'nZij lopenThey walk

Past tense

Ik liepeIk liepI walked
Ie liep'nJij liepYou walked
Hee / Zee liepHij / Zij liepHe / She walked
Wuu-lu liep'nWij liepenWe walked
Jullie / Juu-lu liep'nJullie liepenYou walked (plural)
Zie liep'nZij liepenThey walked

Plurals and diminutives

eene kommeeen komOne bowl
twee komm'ntwee kommen Two bowls

een kömmegieeen kommetjeone little bowl
twee kömmegiestwee kommetjestwo little bowls

External links

* [ The Parable of the Prodigal Son in the "Zwolle" variety of Sallaans]
* [ The same, from "Deventer"]

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