1936 in New Zealand

1936 in New Zealand

The shape of New Zealand politics for the next five decades was defined when, in the aftermath of their heavy defeat by Labour, the United and Reform parties merged to form the New Zealand National Party. In the meantime, the Labour government began implementing significant social changes.


A census was held in March 1936.


Regal and Vice Regal

*Head of State - George V, succeeded same year by Edward VIII (abdicated), succeeded same year by George VI
*Governor-General - The Viscount Galway GCMG DSO OBE PC [Statistics New Zealand: "New Zealand Official Yearbook, 1990". ISSN 0078-0170 page 52]


The 25th New Zealand Parliament continued with the Labour Party in government.

*Speaker of the House - Bill Barnard (Labour Party)
*Prime Minister - Michael Joseph Savage
*Minister of Finance - Walter Nash
*Minister of Foreign Affairs - Michael Joseph Savage
*Attorney-General - Rex Mason

Parliamentary opposition

* Leader of the Opposition - George William Forbes (United/Reform Party until May, then National Party), succeeded in November by Adam Hamilton (National). [Cite web|url=http://www.elections.org.nz/democracy/leaders-opposition.html|title=Elections NZ - Leaders of the Opposition|accessdate=2008-04-06]

Main centre leaders

*Mayor of Auckland - Ernest Davis
*Mayor of Hamilton - John Robert Fow
*Mayor of Wellington - Thomas Hislop
*Mayor of Christchurch - Daniel Giles Sullivan then J. W. Beanland
*Mayor of Dunedin - Edwin Thomas Cox


* 25 March: First session of the 25th Parliament commences.Lambert & Palenski: "The New Zealand Almanac", 1982. ISBN 0908570554]
* 11 June: Parliament goes into recess.
* 21 June: Parliament resumes.
* 31 October: First session of the 25th Parliament concludes.

Arts and literature

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See: 1936 in music


* Radio broadcasting of sessions of Parliament commences. [ [http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/HstBldgs/History/Resources/3/6/e/36e40376aa2842e6bcce0a4557ebf2bc.htm New Zealand Parliament - Parliament timeline ] ]

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*Phar Lap's Son
*The Wagon and the Star
*On the Friendly Road

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Appointments and awards

See: New Zealand Order of Merit , Order of New Zealand
*Archbishop of New Zealand
*Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia , see appointments to Diocese


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Horse racing


Olympic Games

See New Zealand at the 1936 Summer Olympics


* Ranfurly Shield

Rugby league

New Zealand national rugby league team


* Chatham Cup won by Western (Christchurch)


* 14 March: Bob Charles, golfer.
* 21 March: Margaret Mahy, writer.
* 23 April: John D'Arcy, cricketer.
*28 April: Ans Westra, photographer.
*3 June: Colin Meads, rugby union player.
*18 June: Denny Hulme, racing driver.
*7 August: Joy Cowley, author.
* 15 August: Hamish Keith, writer, art curator.
* 10 October: Artie Dick, cricketer.
* 23 October: Barry Sinclair, cricketer.
* Bruce Beetham, politician.
* Terence O'Brien, diplomat.


* 10 March: David Kennedy, priest, astronomer.
* 13 March: Francis Bell (New Zealand Prime Minister), politician and 20th Prime minister of New Zealand.
* 24 June: Frederick Revans Chapman, Judge.
* 17 September (in the Cook Islands): Ettie Rout, campaigner for safe sex.
* 31 December: John Dumbell, rugby union footballer. [ [http://stats.allblacks.com/Profile.asp?ABID=243 allblacks.com John Dumbell] ]

* William Hall-Jones, 16th Prime Minister of New Zealand.
* Sir James Mills, founder of the Union Steamship Company.


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