Fingal Bay, New South Wales

Fingal Bay, New South Wales

elevation =
area = 9.3
area_footnotes = ref|area|Note2
timezone = AEST
utc = +10
timezone-dst = AEDT
utc-dst = +11
propval = $460,631 [cite web|url=|title=Fingal Bay suburb profile @||accessdate=2008-05-27]
dist1 = 213
dir1 = NNE
location1 = Sydney
dist2 = 65
dir2 = NE
location2 = Newcastle
dist3 = 50
dir3 = ENE
location3 = Raymond Terrace
lga = Port Stephens Councilcite web|url=|title=Suburb Search - Local Council Boundaries - Hunter (HT) - Port Stephens|publisher=New South Wales Department of Local Government|accessdate=2008-06-08]
region = Hunter
county = Gloucestercite web|url=|title=Geographical Names Register Extract: Fingal Bay (suburb)|work=Geographical Names Register (GNR) of NSW|publisher=Geographical Names Board of New South Wales|accessdate=2008-05-27]
parish = Tomaree
stategov = Port Stephens
fedgov = Paterson
maxtemp = 27.3
mintemp = 8.4
rainfall = 1348.9
near-n = Shoal Bay
near-ne = "Tasman Sea"
near-e = "Tasman Sea"
near-se = "Tasman Sea"
near-s = "Tasman Sea"
near-sw = One Mile, "Tasman Sea"
near-w = Nelson Bay
near-nw = Nelson Bay

Fingal Bay is the eastern-most suburb of the Port Stephens Local Government Area in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia. The only population centre is the township of the same name, which itself is named after the adjacent, small, semi-circular bay.cite web|url=|title=Geographical Names Register Extract: Fingal Bay (bay)|work=Geographical Names Register (GNR) of NSW|publisher=Geographical Names Board of New South Wales|accessdate=2008-05-27]

Except for the township, most of Fingal Bay is included in the Tomaree National Park, which includes forested areas, coastal scrubland, beaches and the Fingal headland. The northern head of the bay itself is Fingal Spit and Point Stephens, the southern head is Fingal Head. Point Stephens was named by Captain Cook when he passed on 11 May 1770, honouring Sir Philip Stephens who was Secretary to the Admiralty. Stephens was a personal friend of Cook and had recommended him for command of the voyage. [cite web |url= |title="A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels", Vol. 12Robert Kerr.] It seems Cook's initial choice had actually been Point Kepple but instead he used Kepple later when he named Keppel Bay. [Ray Parkin, "H. M. Bark Endeavour", Miegunyah Press, 2nd edition 2003, ISBN 0-522-85093-6, page 213.] Fingal Spit was a location for the So where the bloody hell are you? advertising campaign filmed for Tourism Australia and appears at the end of the advertisement.

The name first appeared on chart 1070, prepared by Captain Phillip Parker King in 1845.

According to a sign on the beach, people have died crossing the bar which can be covered by breaking waves at times.


# Only Convert|1|km2|sqmi|1 (approximately 11%) of the suburb is inhabited. [DoL suburb image|name=Fingal Bay|codename=Fingal%20Bay|accessdate=2008-05-27] For this reason, the population density figure shown is that of the inhabited area, rather than for the whole suburb, as this is more representative of the actual population density. The average population density for the whole suburb is Pop density km2 to mi2|158.4|spell=Commonwealth|precision=1|wiki=yes.
# Area calculation is based on 1:100000 map 9332 PORT STEPHENS.



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* [ Coastal Explorer Pacific Touring Route Sydney to Brisbane, Cartoscope, 4th edition, 2004]
* [ Fingal Bay page] at the [ Port Stephens Council website]

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