Air Weapon Complex

Air Weapon Complex

Air Weapons Complex ("AWC") is a development and production center for airborne weapons systems in Pakistan. The facility began its operation in 1992. It now works under the umbrella organization of NESCOM. It is located near Wah, Pakistan. AWC is involved in the development and manufacturing of different kinds of air and ground weapons and is one of the leading organizations in Pakistan in the field of Air-Delivered Weapons/Systems. The Air Weapons Complex manufactures a variety of Air-Delivered Weapons, including Extended Range bombs, Target Penetration bombs and Infra-Red Search and Track Systems.


*Air Defence Automation System: C4I System (Also exported to foreign countries)
*Voice/Fax/Data Encryption System
*25 lb and 6 kg Practice Bombs
*250 kg Pre-Fragmented Bomb
*250 kg MK-82 Steel Bomb
*500 kg MK-83 Steel Bomb
*1000 kg MK-84 Steel Bomb
*HAFR-1: Anti-Runway Weapon
*Tail Units: Low/High Drag
*Electronic Fuses: Impact and Proximity
*MOHAFIZ Counter Measures System
*Airborne Video Tape Recorder (AVTR) System
*Airborne Digital Data Recorder
*Realtime ACMI System
*IRST: Infra Red Search and Track System
*GPS: Global Positioning System
*GPS & Laser guidance system designed for bombs (under license from US and china)
*Ra'ad: Air Delivered Stand-off Cruise Missile
*INS: Mechanical Gyros and iFOG based inertial navigation systems

Technical Expertise

*Software Development for Mission Critical Systems
*Electronic System Design and Production
*Prototyping and Production of Specialized Mechanical Assemblies
*Mechanical Components Precision Manufacturing
*TQM Practices
*Mil-Spec Qualifications
*CAD/CAM Support

UAV Project

The Air Weapons Complex embarked on a project for the indigenous development of UAV's in the middle of 1998. The Sky Tracker and Sky Navigator suite of software were developed for the ground-based tracking of Remotely-Piloted Vehicles (RPV's)/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's). The software gets the UAV's GPS positional data from a radio data link. This data is used to show the position of the UAV as a 2D plot along with essential UAV data like, speed, altitude, heading, etc. This plot can be overlaid onto area maps as well. This information is used by the pilot for flying the UAV beyond visual range.

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