List of municipalities of the Prefecture of Achaea

List of municipalities of the Prefecture of Achaea

The following represents a list of municipalities in Achaea ("Achaia").

MunicipalityGreek NameSizePopulationSeat
PatrasΔήμος Πατρέως "Démos Patréos"around 150 km²155,697Patras
Municipality of Aigeira103.646 km²4,211Aigeira
Municipality of Aigio151.1 km²28,903Aigio/Aigion
Municipality of Akrata115.75 km²5,492Akrata
Municipality of Aroania2,315Psofidi
Municipality of Diacopton"Démos Diakoptou"7,023Diacoptonless than 70km²
Municipality of Dymi/DymeΔήμος Δύμης "D [é] mos Dýmes"around 100 to 125 km²8,765Kato Achaia
Municipality of Erinaios3,802Lampiri
Municipality of KalavrytaΔήμος Καλαβρύτων "Démos Kalavrýton"around 100 km²8,416Kalávryta
Municipality of LarissosΔήμος Λαρισσού "Démos Larissoú"around 100 km²7,414Metochi/Lappa
Municipality of Lefkasio3,894Kleitoria
Municipality of Messatidi/MesatidaΔήμος Μεσσατίδος "Démos Messatídos"around 100 km²9,583 (2001?)
around 11,000
Municipality of MovriΔήμος Μόβρης "Démos Móvris"around 100 km²5,140Sageika
Municipality of Olenia6,813Loussika
Municipality of Paos2,623Dafni
Municipality of ParaliaΔήμος Παραλίας "Démos Paralías"around 25 km²5,677Paralía (Patras Beach)
Municipality of RhionΔήμος Ρίου "Démos Rhíou"10,131around 100 km²Rhion
Municipality of Sympoliteia7,326around 100 to 150 km²Rododafni
Municipality of Tritea5,051Stavrodromi
Municipality of VrachneikaΔήμος Βραχνέικων "Démos Vrachneíkon"around 50 to 60 km²4,274 (1991)?
around 6,000

The population is 1991 data.

Note: Not all municipalities are on the list. Just a portion of the municipalities are on this list.

*List of municipalities by rank

#Patras: 167,602 (2001)

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