Infobox Greek Dimos
name = Vrachnaiika
name_local = Βραχναίικα

periph = West Greece
prefec = Achaea
province =
population = 5094
population_ref = [http://www.statistics.gr/gr_tables/S1101_SAP_1_TB_DC_01_03_Y.pdf source]
population_as_of = 2001
pop_dens = 159
area = 32.11
elevation = 10
lat_deg = 38
lat_min = 10
lat_hem = N
lon_deg = 21
lon_min = 40
lon_hem = E
postal_code = 250 02
area_code = 2610
licence = ΑΧ
mayor =
website =

caption_skyline =


districts =
party =
since =
elevation_min =
elevation_max =

Vrachnaiika or Vrachneika ( _el. Βραχνέικα, Βραχναίικα until the 1990s, pronunciation: vrakh-NAY-ee-kah) is a community and a municipality that is 12 km south of and a suburb of Patras, Greece, between the city and Kato Achaia. The population is around 2,000 and 3,000 and the municipality between 4,500 and 5,000. Most of the houses were done between the 1960s and the 1980s. The nearby communities are Monodendron and Roitika in the north and Tsoukaleika in the south. The community has a beach about 600 m west, a town hall slightly between the train tracks and the old GR-9, a rail station, a school and a church. Rural lands cover the north and east and the size is small with mostly olive groves and pastures. The municipality has a public stadium located slightly northeast. The bypass of GR-9/E55 is founded east of the centre along with hills that elevates around 10 to 40 m above sea level with a few valleys. The hills also cover the south. There are about 1,000 buildings in the community. It is the second smallest municipality in area.


The 2-lane highway opened up in the mid-1980s to the south side until the late 1980s, the bypass began in the south until the opening between the 9th and the 13th km of GR-9 and E55 was rerouted. Later in late-2003, a detour was created for the westbound traffic through Vrachnaiika because the highway was closed to make room for the opening of the beltway. After the beltway opened, the detour for GR-9 does not exist and the superhighway was reopened.

Population history (community):


*Flampoura (Flamboura)



External links

* [http://www.gtp.gr/LocPage.asp?id=3775 GTP - Vrachneika]
* [http://www.gtp.gr/LocPage.asp?id=3773 GTP - Municipality of Vrachneika]

North: Paralia
West: Gulf of Patras
VrachneikaEast: Messatídi, Fares
South: Oleni, Dymi (SW)

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*Communities of Achaia

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