Transport in Burundi

Transport in Burundi

There are a number of systems of transport in Burundi, including road and water-based infrastructure, the latter of which makes use of Lake Tanganyika. Furthermore, there are also four airports in Burundi.


Burundi does not possess any railway infrastructure, although there are proposals to connect Burundi to its neighbours via railway.

Lacking any railways, Burundi does not share rail links with adjacent countries, but a Chinese study in August 2006 resulted in a promise to construct a railway starting at the existing Tanzanian railway network, connecting at Isaka, running via Kigali in Rwanda, through to Burundi. Tanzanian railways use a one metre gauge, although other neighbouring countries utilise the 1067mm gauge, leading to some potential difficulties. Also, another project was launched in the same year, which aimes to link Burundi and Rwanda (which also has no railways) to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia, and therefore to the rest of Southern Africa. At a meeting to inaugurate the Northern Corridor Transit Coordination Authority (NCTCA), the governments of Uganda and Burundi backed the proposed new railway from the Ugandan western railhead at Kasese into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Additionally, Burundi has been added to a planned railway project to connect Tanzania and Rwanda.

Rail links with adjacent countries

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* Democratic Republic of Congo - 1067mm gauge
* Rwanda - no railways yet
* Tanzania - 1000mm and 1067mm TAZARA.

Towns served


There are 14,480 kilometres of highway in Burundi, of which 1,657km are paved.


Lake Tanganyika is used for transport, with the major port on the lake being Bujumbura. Most freight is transported down waterways.


Burundi possesses four airports, of which one has paved runways, whose length exceeds 3,047m. The remaining three airports have unpaved runways, two of which are of lengths between 914 and 1,523m, with the remaining airport's runway length being shorter than 914m.

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