List of Slovaks

List of Slovaks

This is a list of notable people who either:
* are or were citizens of Slovakia or Czechoslovakia,
* are or were of Slovak identity or ancestry.


Politicians (contemporary)

*Robert Fico (1964) - fourth prime minister of modern Slovakia
*Mikuláš Dzurinda (1955) - third prime minister of modern Slovakia
*Ivan Gašparovič (1941) - 3rd president of Slovakia, previously chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic
*Michal Kováč (1930) - the first president of modern Slovakia
*Vladimír Mečiar (1942) - first prime minister of modern Slovakia
*Rudolf Schuster (1934) - the second president of modern Slovakia ("He is of German and Hungarian ancestry")
*Peter Tomka (1956) - Judge on the International Court of Justice

Politicians (19th and 20th century)

*Ferdinand Čatloš (1895-1972) - politician, Minister of Defence
*Alexander Dubček (1921-1992) - leader of the Prague spring
*Andrej Hlinka (1864-1938) - popular priest and national leader before World War II
*Fedor Hodža (1912–1968) - politician and lawyer; the son of Milan Hodža.
*Milan Hodža (1878-1944) - prime minister of Czechoslovakia, politician and journalist
*Gustáv Husák (1913-1991) - president of Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s
*Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880-1919) - astronomer, scientist, politician, and general; one of the founders of Czechoslovakia
*Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1850-1937) - the first president of Czechoslovakia; son of a Slovak father and German mother
*Jozef Tiso (1887-1947) - president of the First Slovak Republic
*András L. Áchim (1871-1911) - peasant politician
*Vojtech Tuka (1880-1946) - Slovak People's Party politician, teacher
*Alexander Mach (1902-1980) - Slovak People's Party politician, journalist
*Martin Rázus (1888-1937) - politician, priest
*Jan Šverma (1903 –1944) - partisan, communist politician
*Samuel Zoch (1882-1928) - priest, politician, Župan of Bratislava
*Jozef Miloslav Hurban (1817-1886) - priest,politician
*Michal Miloslav Hodža (1811-1870) - leader of a Slovak national group, lutheran priest, poet, luinguist
*Vladimír Clementis (1902-1952) - communist politician
*Svetozár Hurban-Vajanský (1847-1916) - publicist, politician
*Pavel Blaho (1867-1927) - publicist, politician
*Milan Ivanka (1876-1956) - politician
*Rudolf Markovič (1868-1934) - politician

Fighters, warriors, soldiers and revolutionaries

*Ferdinand Čatloš (1895-1972) - he was one of the main leaders of the Slovak National Uprising
*Jozef Gabčík (1912-1942) - soldier involved in the Operation Anthropoid, the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
*Otto Smik (1922-1944) - Royal Air Force ace, Wing Commander
*General Ján Golian (1906-1945) - one of the main organizers of the Slovak National Uprising
*Augustín Malár (1894-1946) - Slovak General during World War II.
*Abrahám Rúfus (Abrahám Ryšavý / Červený) (around 1300) - warrior, reconquered southwestern Slovakia from Austria in 1291
*Michael Strank - U.S. marine during World War II; the leader of the group of U.S. marines who raised the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima; they were photographed in Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima
*Ladislav Škultéty-Gábriš (1738-1832), nicknamed the ”Eternal Soldier” - serving as much as 80 years as sergeant of the Austrian army, the longest lasting military service ever recorded, took part in more than 250 battles and survived five Habsburg emperors
*Jan Šverma (1903–1944) - partisan
*Rudolf Viest (1890-1945) - He was Slovak division general, commander of the partisan army during the Slovak National Uprising and the only Slovak general during the interwar period in the first Czechoslovak republic.
*Jozef Turanec (1892-1957) - Slovak General during World War II.
*Gustáv Wendrinský (1923-1945) - Slovak SS-Oberscharführer

First Ladies

*Livia Klausová - first lady of the Czech Republic
*Silvia Gašparovičová - first lady of Slovakia


Notable religious figures

*Pavol Peter Gojdič (Pavol Gojdič) (1888 – 1960)
*Metod Dominik Trčka (Dominik Trčka) (1886-2012)
*Zdenka Schelingová (1916 - 1955)
*Basil Hopko (1904 - 1976)

Religious Leaders

*Štefan Moyses (1797- 1869) - bishop, patriot, the first president of the Matica Slovenská, the first Slovak cultural institution
*Jozef Roháček (1877-1962) - Protestant activist and scholar (first Slovak Bible translated from the original languages)
*Alexander Rudnay (1760-1831) - archbishop
*Juraj Selepčéni Pohronec (Szelepcsény György) – archbishop
*Ján Sokol (1933- ) - He is a Slovak priest and currently Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Trnava

cience and Technology

Philosophers, Polyhistors, Teachers

*Martin Palkovič (Martin Palkovich) (1606-1662) – philosopher, professor in Trnava, Košice and Vienna
*Matej Belcite book | last = Petro | first = Peter | authorlink = | title = A History of Slovak Literature | publisher = McGill-Queen's Press | year = 1995 | location = Montréal] (Matthias Bél, Bél Mátyás) (1684-1749) – polyhistor, teacher, one of the greatest Slovak scholars of the eighteen century. His father was Slovak, while his mother was Hungarian.
*Pavol Jozef Šafárik (Paul Joseph Schaffarik, Pavel Josef Safarik) (1795-1861) – poet, professor, polyhistor
*Samuel Augustini ab Hortis (1729-1792) - theorist
*Igor Hrušovský (1907-1978) - philosopher, theorist
*Ivan Branislav Zoch (1843-1921) - physicist, polyhistorian
*Albert Laski (Łaski) (1536-1605) – writer, alchemist, humanist, noble (his family stems originally from Poland)
*Jozef Alauda - philosopher
*Peter Krištof Akai - philosopher
*Jan Komar (1939-2000) - philosopher, humanist, poet
*Marina Čarnogurská – sinologist and philosopher, acknowledged translator of Tao Te Ting

Linguists, Humanists and Historians

*Anton Bernolák (1762-1813) – lower nobleman, Jesuit, author of the first Slovak language standard (in the 1780s), which was based on western Slovak dialects
*Milan Stanislav Ďurica [] (1925) - priest, historian, Professor of the University in Padua, author of the controversial book"History of Slovakia and Slovaks."
*Ľudovít Štúr (Ludevít Štúr) (1815-1856) - best known for his role in the development of the modern Slovak language (in 1844 he suggested that the central Slovak dialect should be used as the literary language of the Slovaks and in 1846 he codified the new language standard in his "Nauka reči Slovenskej" [Theory of the Slovak language] )
*Martin Hattala (1821-1903) - linguist
*Jozef Mistrík (1921-2001) – linguist
*Pavol Križko (1841-1902) - historian
*Adam František Kollár (Adam Franz Kollar) (1718-1783) - historian, royal councilor and librarian of the Imperial Library in Vienna
*Janko Matúška (1821-1877), He was the author of the Slovak national anthem

Inventors and Engineers

*Jozef Murgaš (1864-1929) – inventor of the wireless telegraph (forerunner of the radio). Murgas' "Rotary-spark-system" allowed for much faster communication, through the use of musical tones. He patented his new invention, which is now listed as the "Wireless Telegraphy Apparatus", as well as more inventions in this field. These patents would go on to form the foundations for the invention of the radio. Also devised a system which greatly improved the Morse code. His other patents include the spinning reel (for fishing), the wave meter, the electric transformer, the magnetic detector, and an engine producing electromagnetic waves.
*Aurel Stodola (1859-1942) – engineer and professor, enabled the construction of steam and gas turbines (around 1900), constructor of a movable artificial arm (the Stodola arm) in 1915
*John Dopyera (Ján Dopjera) (1893-1988) – inventor of music instruments, invented the Dobro resonator guitar
*Peter Danišovič (1907) – professor, engineer and builder of dams in Slovakia. He is the author of the Gabčíkovo - Nagymaros project, of which Gabčíkovo Dam was completed. Other projects he worked on include Domaša, Orava Dam ("Oravská priehrada"), Ilava Dam, Ladce Dam, and Dubnica Dam.


*Ján Bahýľ (1865-1916) – military engineer, inventor of the motor-driven helicopter (four years before Bréguet and Cornu). Bahyl was granted 7 patents in all, including the invention of the tank pump, air balloons combined with an air turbine, the first petrol engine car in Slovakia (with Anton Marschall) and a lift up to Bratislava castle.
*Štefan Banič (1870-1941) - the inventor of the military parachute and of the first actively used parachute
*Andrej Kvasz (1883-1974) - aviation pioneer "(he was Hungarian citizen)"

Natural Sciences and Medicine

*Pavol Adami (1739-1814) - veterinarian
*Vojtech Alexander (1857-1916) - revolutionary radiologist
*Cyprián z Červeného Kláštora (Frater Cyprianus, Jaisge) (1724-1775) - monk and natural scientist, author of the oldest herbarium in Slovakia
*Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (1923) - American physician and Nobel Prize winner of Slovak descent
*Samuel Genersich (1768-1844) - botanist, physician
*Jozef Ľudovít Holuby (1836-1923) - botanist, gave their current names to many plants
*Zachariáš Teofil Husty (18th century) - one of the first pharmacologists, physician, set up a medicare system in 1786
*Ján Jesenský (Johann Jessenius) (1566-1621) - physician, surgeon, anatomist, rector of Charles University, Protestant activist and politician
*František Krommel - biologist
*Dušan Makovický (1866-1921) - physician, writer, translator, personal doctor of Leo Tolstoy
*Pavol Olexik (1801-1878) - pioneer of genetics
*Ján Severíni (1716-1789) - historian, natural scientist, author of the first high school textbooks of biology in the Kingdom of Hungary (together with Matej Piller)
*Izabela Textorisová (1866-1949) - first Slovak female botanist
*Ján Fridrichovský (1896-1978) - first Slovak professor of dentistry and founder of stomatosurgery in Slovakia

Geology, Mineralogy

*Dionýz Štúr (1827-1893) - geologist, botanist, director of the Imperial Geological Institute

*Dimitrij Andrusov (1897-1976) - famous geologist


*Juraj Bohus (Georg Bohus) (1687-1722) - geographer, historian, teacher


*Andrej Kmeť (1841-1908) - botanist, archaeologist
*Vojtech Budinský-Krička (1903-1994) - archaeologist
*Ján Kollár - pastor, writer, archaeologist, academic


*Dionýz Ilkovič (1907–1980) - famous Slovak physicist
*Pavel Kray (1735-1804) – field marshal, mathematician, engineer, architect, participant of the Seven Years War and of the Turkish War (1788-1789), defeated the Peasant Uprising in Transylvania in 1786
*Ivan Wilhelm [] (1942 Trnava) - nuclear physicist, former rector of Charles University in Prague
*MUDr.Rafat Mansour (1972) - famous Slovakian Surgeon.


*Jozef Balala - mathematician
*Jur Hronec - mathematician
*Anton Dubec - mathematician
*Ján Dubovszky - mathematician
*Peter Stefan - mathematician
*Ivan Teplička - mathematician
*Štefan Znám - mathematician

Computer Science

*Jozef Gruska [] - professor of quantum computing, IEEE Computer Pioneer Award

*Norbert Frištacký - IEEE Computer Pioneer Award (for pioneering digital devices)



*Jakub Pribicer (1539-1582) Astronomer

Astronomers (20th century)

*Milan Rastislav Štefánik
*Milan Antal
*Antonín Bečvář
*Ladislav Brožek
*Štefan Gajdoš
*Ľubor Kresák
*Dušan Kalmančok
*Ľudmila Pajdušáková
*Vladimír Porubčan
*Alexander Pravda
*Ladislav E. Roth [] - planetary scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, USA. He participated in the exploration of Mars, Venus, the Moon, and the satellites of Saturn. He has also done experimental and theoretical research of various new technologies, such as microwave remote sensing and radar altimetry.
*Juraj Tóth


*Ivan Bella (1964) – the first astronaut of Slovakia (in 1998)
*Eugene Cernan (1934) – U.S. astronaut, last man to set foot on the Moon, son of the Slovak immigrant Ondrej Čerňan.



:"See list of Slovak prose and drama authors.:"See list of Slovak poets.


*Daniel Gabriel Lichard (1812-1882) - important publisher and the first Slovak professional journalist




*Alexander Albrecht (1885-1958) – composer, conductor, teacher
*Ján Levoslav Bella (1843-1936) - composer, author of the first Slovak opera „Kováč Wieland“
*Juraj Beneš - composer
*Ján Cikker (1911-1989) - composer, teacher
*Viliam Figuš-Bystrý (1875-1937) – composer, teacher
*Tibor Frešo (1918-1987) – composer, conductor
*Frico Kafenda (1883-1963) – composer, teacher, pianist, conductor
*Dezider Kardoš (1914-1991) - composer, teacher
*Rudolf Macudzinski (1907-1986) – pianist, teacher, composer
*Jozef Malovec (1933) – composer
*Adalbert Keler (1820-1882) - a German-Slovak composer, conductor
*Ladislav Kupkovič (1936) - composer, conductor
*Ján Móry (Johann Mory) (1892-1978) - composer
*Alexander Moyzes (1906-1984) – composer
*Mikuláš Moyzes (1872-1944) - composer
*Andrej Očenáš (1911-1995) - composer, teacher
*Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský (1881-1958) - composer
*Eugen Suchoň (1908-1993) – the most important Slovak composer, teacher
*Iris Szeghy (1956) - women composer
*Miroslav Bázlik (1931) - composer, pianist, teacher, philosopher, mathematician
*Ilja Zeljenka (1932) – composer
*Norbert Bodnár (1956) - composer, teacher


*Peter Breiner (1957) – conductor, composer, pianist
*Ondrej Lenárd (1942) – conductor
*Anton Paulik (1901-1975) - Austrian conductor born in Bratislava
*Ľudovít Rajter (1906) - conductor, teacher, composer
*Ladislav Slovák (1919-1999) – conductor


*Klára Havlíková (1931-2007) – pianist
*Ondrej Kandráč (1978) – violinist
*Leo Kestenberg (1882-1962) – pianist, teacher
*Ferdinand Klinda (1929) – organist, teacher
*Marián Lapšanský (1947) – pianist
*Peter Michalica (1945) – violinist
*Ivan Sokol (1937) – organist, teacher
*Peter Toperczer (1944) – pianist, teacher
*Dalibor Karvay (1985) – violinist

Opera Singers

*Helena Bartošová (1905-1981) – soprano
*Janko Blaho (1901-1981) – tenor
*Zuzana Božíková (1990-) – contralto (youngest opera singer in Slovakia's history; also the most beautiful model in the world)
*Margita Česányiová (1911) – soprano
*Peter Dvorský (1951) – tenor (currently most famous one)
*Edita Gruberová (1946-) – soprano
*Mária Kišonová-Hubová (1915) – soprano
*Sergej Kopčák (1948) – bass
*Jozef Kundlák (1956-) - tenor
*Peter Mikuláš (1954) – bass
*Lucia Popp (1939-1993) – soprano
*Luba Orgonasova (1961-) – soprano


*Ján Albrecht (1919-1996) – violist, musicologist, teacher
*Paulin Bajan (1721-1792)
*Andrew Breiner (1889-1965) – Surrealist author and composer of works such as Ignorance and Falsifiable
*Pantaleon Roskovsky (1734-1789)
*Jozef Kresánek (1913-1986) - musicologist, teacher, composer
*Dusan Martincek
*Peter Petko (1713-1793)
*Karol Smith – famous piano producer from Bratislava in the early 19th century


*Peter Lipa (1943) - the most important current Jazz singer, composer
*Gabriel Jonáš (1948) – Jazz musician, multiinstrumentalist, composer
*Karol Arnold Zavodny (1944) - Jazz musician, singer, trumpet player

Popular Music (20th century)

*Jano Baláž (1951) - guitarist, singer, composer
*Oliver Buc (1975) - guitarist, singer, composer currently living in Chicago, US
*Karol Duchoň (1950-1985) - singer (pre-rock period)
*Gejza Dusík (1907-1988) - composer, musician, author of many evergreens (1st half of the 20th century)
*Martin Ďurinda (1961) – singer of Tublatanka (a band having reacher its height around 1990)
*Jozef Ráž (1954) - current singer of Elán (a band having reached its height in the 1980s)
*Karol Elbert (1911) - composer, musician (1st half of the 20th century)
*Boris Filan (1949) - text-writer for many Slovak bands
*Marika Gombitová (1956) - singer, composer, musician in the 1980s and early 1990s
*Pavol Habera (1962) - singer, composer, musician (reached his height around 1990)
*Pavol Hammel (1948) - singer, composer, musician (reached his height the 1970s and 1980s)
*Jana Kocianová (1946) - singer (pre-rock period)
*Marcela Laiferová (1945) - singer (pre-rock period)
*Ján Lehotský (1947) - composer, musician, singer of Modus (a band having reached its height in the late 1970s)
*Laco Lučenič (1952) - musician, producer, member of Modus
*Richard Müller (1961) - the best-known current Slovak pop-rock singer
*Peter Nagy (1959) - pop singer, text-writer (reached his height in the late 1980s and early 1990s)
*Vašo Patejdl (1954) - the most important Slovak pop composer in the 1980s and 1990s, singer, musician
*Kamil Peteraj (1945) - text-writer
*Dežo Ursiny (1947-1995) - composer, rock singer, musician in the 1960s and 1970s
*Jaroslav Filip (1949-2000) - musician, composer, humorist, dramaturg, actor and promoter of Internet in Slovakia
*Marián Varga (1947) - rock composer, musician in the 1960s and 1970s
*František Krištof Veselý (1903-1977) - singer from the early popular music period
*Pavol Zelenay (1928) - swing composer, musician
*Miroslav Žbirka (1952) - singer, composer from the 1970s to the 1990s
*Judit Halász - Hungarian singer

Fine Arts

Painters, Graphic Artists

*Janko Alexy (1894-1970) - painter
*Miloš Alexander Bazovský (1899-1968) - painter, graphic artist
*Peter Michael Slavomil Bohúň (1822-1879) - painter, graphic artist
*Martin Benka (1888-1971) - painter, illustrator
*Andrej Barčík (1924-2004) - painter
*Ladislav Cemicky (1909-2000) -painter
*Albín Brunovský (1935-1997) - graphic artist, painter, illustrator
*Josef Czauczik (1781-1857) - painter
*Lajos Csordák (1864-1937) - painter
*Ľudovít Fulla (1902-1980) - painter, graphic artist, illustrator
*Edmund Gwerk (1859-1956) - painter
*Mikuláš Galanda (1895-1938) - painter, graphic artist, illustrator
*Elemír Halász-Hradil (1873-1948) - painter
*Jozef Hanula (1863-1944) - painter
*Vincent Hložník (1919-1997) - painter
*Gyula Jakoby (1903-1985) - painter
*Jozef Božetech Klemens (1817-1883) - painter, sculptor, polyhistor
*Jozef Kostka (1938-1981) - painter
*Rudolf Krivos (1933-1988) - painter
*Ján Kupecký (Johann Kupecky) (1667-1740) - painter
*Anton Lehmden (1929) - painter; born in Slovakia
*Karol Ľudovít Libay (Karl Ludwig Libay) (1816-1888) - painter
*Palo Macho (1965) - painter
*Cyprián Majerník (1909-1945) - painter
*Ladislav Medňanský (Ladislav Mednyánszky) (1852-1919) - Slovak-Hungarian painter (changed his own name from a Magyar one (Laszlo) to a Slovak one (Ladislav))
*Ján Mudroch (1909-1968) – painter, teacher
*Master of the Altar of Košice (Majster košického oltára) (15th century) – the most important Slovak painter of the 15th century
*Master of the Altar of Smrečany (Majster smrečianskeho hlavného oltára) (15th century) – painter
*Master of the Hlohovec Nativity (15th-16th century) - painter
*Master of Lúčky (Master of Honneshau, Majster z Lúčok) (15th century) – painter
*Master of Okoličné (Majster okoličiansky) (15th-16th century) – painter
*Theodor Jozef Mousson (1887-1946) – painter, born in Hungary, working in Slovakia
*Endre Nemes (1909-1985) - painter
*Zolo Palugay (1898-1935) - painter
*Milan Paštéka (1931-1998) - painter
*Ján Rombauer (Johann Rombauer) (1782-1849) - painter
*Ester Šimerová-Martinčeková (1909-) - painter
*Dominik Skutecký (1849-1921) - painter
*Koloman Sokol (1902-2003) - painter
*Andrej Smolák - painter
*Karl Sovanka (1883-1961) - painter, sculptor
*Teodor Jozef Tekel (1902—1975) - painter
*Andy Warhol (baptized Andrew Warhola, his father's pre-immigration family name was Varchola) (1928-1987) — one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. He introduced Pop-Art to the world, and was the first artist to use a photographic silk-screen technique in his work. He was born in the United States as the son of emigrants from eastern Slovakia (members of the Rusyn nationality from the village of Miková, his parents' first language was Rusyn, he took over the religious views of his parentsFact|date=November 2007 and he always wanted to return to the country of his parents,Fact|date=November 2007 which obviously was not possible because of the communist regime in Central Europe. The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art is located in Medzilaborce, eastern Slovakia.
*Imrich Weiner-Kráľ (1901-1978) - painter
*Ladislav Záborský (1921) - painter
*Viera Žilinčanová (1932) - painter
*Ernest Zmeták (1919-2004) - painter
*Dušan Mravec (1980) - painter


*Stefan Belohradsky (1930- ) constructivistic sculptor and architect
*Jozef Damko (1872-1955) - sculptor
*Ján Anton Kraus (Johann Anton Kraus) (1728-1795)- sculptor
*Robert Kühmayer (1883-1972) - sculptor; born in Bratislava
*Ján Kulich - famous sculptor
*Ľudovít Mack (Ludwig Mack) (1876-1963) – sculptor
*Fraňo Štefunko (1903-1974) - sculptor


*Pavol Socháň (1862 - 1941) - ethnographer, photographer, writer
*Mária Holoubková (1903) - photographer
*Dežo (Dezider) Hoffmann (1912-1986) - photoreporter and photographer
*Martin Martinček (1913 - 2004) - master photographer, lawyer
*Karol Kállay (1926)
*Zuzana Mináčová (1931)
*Tibor Huszár (1952) - portrait photographer
*Peter Župník (1961) - fine art photographer
*Radovan Stoklasa (1978) - photographer (News Agency of the Slovak Republic)
*Vladimír Kampf (1966) - photographer, publicist
*Tono Stano (1960) - photographer; his famous photograph Sense inspired the poster for the film Showgirls.
*Ivan Kresanek (1980) - aviation photographer


*Emil Belluš (1899-1980) – architect ("He was Czech ancestry")
*Bohuslav Fuchs (1895-1972) – architect; a Czech also active in Slovakia
*Milan Michal Harminc (1869-1964) - architect
*Dušan Jurkovič (1868 – 1947) – architect
*Dušan Kuzma (1927) – architect
*Gedeon Majunke (1857-1921) - architect
*Ferdinand Milučký (1929) - architect
*Ivan Matušík (1930) - architect
*Alfred Piffl (1907) - architect, artist, archeological historian also responsible for preservation of Bratislava Castle

Film and Theatre


*Andrej Bagar (1900-1966) - actor, director
*Ján Borodáč (1892-1964) - director, actor, founder of Slovak professional theatre
*Michal Dočolomanský (1942-2008) - actor
*Naďa Hejná-Pietrová (1906-1994) - actress
*Mikuláš Huba (1919-1986) - actor
*Ladislav Chudík (1924) - actor
*Ján Jamnický (1908-1972) - theater director, actor
*Jozef Kroner (1924-1998) - actor, starred in the first Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak film awarded by Oscar: "The Shop on Main Street" ("Obchod na korze," 1965)
*Juraj Kukura (1947) - well-known Slovak actor (theater, film), who has also been working in Germany.
*Hana Meličková (1900-1978) - actress
*Barbara Nedeljáková (1979) - actress, starred in the famous Hollywood horror film Hostel
*Paul Newman (1925-2008) - world-famous US actor, director, entrepreneur, philanthropist, of ethnic Slovak mother
*Emília Vášáryová (1942) - actress
*Viliam Záborský (1920-1982) - actor
*Karol L. Zachar (1918-2003) - actor, director
*Barbora Bobulova - actress


*Paľo Bielik (1910-1983) - director, actor
*Fero Fenič - director and founder of the largest film festival in Central Europe Febiofest
*Dušan Hanák (1938) - director
*Juraj Herz (1934) - Slovak director and actor born in Kežmarok
*Juraj Jakubisko (1938) - director (sometimes nicknamed Slovak Fellini)
*Ján Kadár (1918-1879) - director
*Viktor Kubal (1923-1997) - cartoon-film maker
*Karol Plicka - ethnographer, filmmaker, and photographer
*Dušan Rapoš (1953) - Slovak director
*Ivan Reitman (1946) - probably the most famous film director and producer born in Slovakia
*Martin Šulík (1963) - director
*Pavol Barabáš (1959) - documentarist, famous for filming people living in extreme conditions

Dance, Choreography

*Štefan Nosáľ (1927) – folklore dancer

Finance and Economics

*Lubos Pastor [] - Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago


*William T. Dzurilla (1953) - international attorney and law clerk to Justice Byron White of the United States Supreme Court (1982-1983).


*Ivan Bátory (1975) - cross-country skiing
*Imre Bugár| (1955) - athlete
*Zoltán Demján (1955) - mountain-climber
*Karol Divín (1936) - figure-skating
*Zdenek Ďuriš (1953) - sports physiotherapist and masseur of a top tennis player Marcos Baghdatis and a canoeing Olympic champion Michal Martikán. A regular member of the Slovak Olympic team, Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams.
*Milan Dvorščík (1970)- cyclist
*Bohumil Golian (?) - volleyball-player
*Jozef Gönci (1974) - sport shooter
*Jozef Lohyňa (1963) - wrestler
*Ondrej Nepela (1951-1989) - figure-skating
*Jozef Plachý (1949) - athlete
*Jozef Pribilinec (1960) - race walker, Olympic gold medalist
*Richard Réti - chess grandmaster
*Jozef Sabovčík - figure-skating
*Alojz Sokol (Aloisius Szokol) (1871-1932) - athlete, pioneer of the Olympic movement in historic Hungary
*Jana Šeďová (1974) - snowboard
*Anton Tkáč (1951) - cyclist
*Július Torma (1922-1991) - boxer
*Elmer Valo (1921-1998) - baseball player
*Ján Zachara (1928) - boxer
*Radoslav Židek (1981) - snowboarder, first Slovak medallist from independent Slovakia at the Winter Olympics


*Jozef Adamec (1942) - soccer player
*Peter Dubovský (1972-2000) - soccer player
*Karol Jokl (1945-1996) - soccer player
*Marek Mintál (1977) - soccer player
*Ľubomír Moravčík (1965) - soccer player
*Ján Popluhár (1935) - soccer player
*Viliam Schrojf (1931) - soccer player
*Jozef Vengloš (1936) - soccer coach and former player, managed Aston Villa, Celtic Glasgow, the Czechoslovak and the Slovak national teams, current director of FIFA's Technical Study Group.

Ice Hockey

:"See the long list in a separate article."

*Ľuboš Bartečko - (1976)
*Peter Bondra - (1968)
*Zdeno Cíger - (1969)
*Pavol Demitra - (1974)
*Vladimír Dzurilla - (1942-1995)
*Marián Gáborík - (1982)
*Jozef Golonka - (1938)
*František Gregor - (1938)
*Michal Handzuš - (1977)
*Marcel Hossa - (1981)
*Marián Hossa - (1979)
*Zdeno Chára - (1977)
*Igor Liba - (1960)
*Vincent Lukáč - (1954)
*Stan Mikita - (1940)
*Ladislav Nagy - (1979)
*Žigmund Pálffy - (1972)
*Dárius Rusnák - (1959)
*Ján Starší - (1933)
*Jozef Stümpel - (1972)
*Miroslav Šatan - (1974)
*Anton Šťastný - (1959)
*Marián Šťastný - (1953)
*Peter Šťastný - (1956)
*Róbert Švehla - (1969)
*Ladislav Troják - (1914-1948)
*Ľubomír Višňovský - (1976)


*Karol Beck (1982)
*Dominika Cibulková (1989)
*Karina Habšudová (1973)
*Daniela Hantuchová (1983)
*Dominik Hrbatý (1978)
*Karol Kučera (1974)
*Miloslav Mečíř (1964)
*Marián Vajda (1965) - coach of a world top tennis-player Novak Đoković

Water sports

*Juraj Bača (1977) - speed canoeing
*Jana Dukátová (1983) - water slalom
*Peter and Pavol Hochschornerovci (1979) - water slalom
*Elena Kaliská (1972) - water slalom
*Slavomír Kňazovický (1967) - speed canoeing
*Michal Martikán (1979) - water slalom, Olympic gold medalist, Atlanta 1996, Beijing 2008
*Juraj Minčík (1977) - water slalom
*Martina Moravcová (1976) - swimmer
*Michal Riszdorfer (1977) - speed canoeing
*Richard Riszdorfer (1981) - speed canoeing
*Erik Vlček (1981) - speed canoeing

Figure Skating

*Karol Divín (1936)
*Ondrej Nepela (1951)
*Jozef Sabovčík (1963)


Historical personalities

*Móric Beňovský (Maurycy Beniowski, Baron Maurice Auguste de Benyowski, many other name versions) (1746-1786) - Slovak globetrotter, explorer, soldier, writer, and the King of Madagascar
*Juraj Jánošík (1688-1713) - the Slovak equivalent of Robin Hood, the topic of many Slovak legends, books and films

Nobles and noble families

see dedicated article

*Balassa {Balaša) - a prominent Hungarian noble family (from the 14th century onwards)
*Bubek (Bebek) - a prominent Slovak-Hungarian noble family around the 15th century
*knight Donč of Balaša (?-1344) - an important Slovak noble in the early 14th century
*Palóci(Lords of Pavlovce) – a prominent Slovak noble family in the Middle Ages
*Podmanický – a prominent Slovak noble family (from the 15th century onwards)
*Poznan – a prominent Slovak noble family in Great Moravia and later in Hungary (called Pázmány by Hungarian texts)
*Kozma of Poznan (12th century) – a prominent Slovak noble
*Leustach z Jelšavy (14th century) - a Slovak noble and warrior


*Jozef Gábriš (Joseph Gabris) - born in Bratislava. Most popular and successful controlline aerobatics pilot (F2B) of former Czechoslovakia.
*Ing. Karol Rybecký - born in Viničné (Schwansbach), near to Pezinok. Won several ECH in the indoor class F1D


*Viera Schottertova - famous Slovak model
*Denisa Dvončová - famous Slovak model, winner of Elite Model Look 2003
*Saša Gachulincová - famous Slovak model, 2nd in Elite Model Look 2005
*Silvia Lakatošová - famous Slovak model
*Adriana Sklenaříková - famous Slovak model, face of "Wonderbra" adverts
*Martina Valková - famous Slovak model, one of the European finalists (the only one from Eastern Europe) in the casting for the Hollywood movie Troy (leading female role)
*Linda Nývltová - famous Slovak model
*Michaela Hlaváčková


*Ľudovít Lačný (1926) - excellent chess composer, FIDE master
*Ján Literát z Madočian (?-1390) - yeoman, the most famous counterfeiter of documents in historic Hungary
*Sándor Petőfi (1823-1849) - Hungarian national poet, born to a Slovak mother
*Michaela Mansour (1979) Sobrance
*Pavol Rothan (Paul Rubigall(us) ) (1510-1577) – writer, politician, scientist, entrepreneur
*Rudolf Vrba (1924-2006) - Auschwitz survivor, author of the Vrba-Wetzler report
*Adolf Burger (1917) – Holocaust survivor involved in Operation Bernhard


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