European route E10

European route E10

European route E10 is a road part of the International E-road network. It begins in Å, Norway and ends in Luleå, Sweden. The road is about 850 km (530 mi) in length. The Norwegian part of the road is also named Kong Olav Vs vei (King Olav V's road).

The road follows the route Å – Leknes – Svolvær – Gullesfjordbotn – Evenes – Bjerkvik – Kiruna – Töre – Luleå

The road is ordinary road along all the route. It has 90 or convert|110|km/h|mi/h|0|abbr=on as speed limit in Sweden, and is usually 7-8 meters wide, enough to make meetings between heavy vehicles problem free. In Norway the road is much more curvy than in Sweden, and around 6-7,5 m wide usually with convert|80|km/h|mi/h|0|abbr=on as speed limit. New roads have been built convert|7.5|m|ft|0|abbr=on wide the last 15 years, but there are several much narrower parts left. convert|6|m|ft|0|abbr=on width makes meetings between heavy vehicles tight. The last 50 km near Å the road is mostly less than convert|6|m|ft|abbr=on wide, often convert|5|m|ft|abbr=on. Buses and caravans should avoid to drive here, but there are many of them anyway.

The name E10 was given in 1992. Before 1985, E10 was the name of the road Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam-Groningen. The road between Narvik and Kiruna has existed since 1984, roadless there before that. In 2007, the road near Lofoten was shortened by about 30 km shorter, and the ferry eliminated, with the opening of Lofast, which is a new road between Fiskebøl and Gullesfjordbotn. At the end of 2007, the E10 has 18 tunnels totalling convert|20.4|km|mi|1|abbr=on, all in Norway.

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