Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police

Infobox UK Police
name= Lincolnshire Police
area= Lincolnshire (excl. N. and N. E. Lincs)
population= 750,000Fact|date=February 2008
size= 5,921 km²
officers= 1,234Fact|date=February 2008
budget= £108.6Fact|date=February 2008
title= Chief Constable
head= Richard Crompton
divname= Divisions
divno= West, East and South
stations= Lincoln, Gainsborough, Market Rasen, Sleaford, Skegness, Louth, Boston, Mablethorpe, Grantham, Spalding, Stamford (Also a large number of smaller sub-stations, referred to as "boxes")
HQ= Nettleham, Lincoln

web= []

Lincolnshire Police is the Home Office police force covering the non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands of England. Despite the name, the force's area does not include North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, which are covered by Humberside Police instead.

In terms of geographic area the force is one of the largest in the United Kingdom covering 2,284 square miles. The population of the area covered by the force is 646,000Fact|date=February 2008.

Divisional structure

The Chief Constable is Richard Crompton. Lincolnshire Police Authority has 9 councillors, 3 justices of the peace, and 5 independent members.

The force has an establishment of about 1,200 police officers. The county is divided into three divisions for the purposes of policing. These are the East Division (covering Boston, Skegness , Mablethorpe, Louth and Horncastle) of which Skegness is the Divisional Headquarters, West Division (covering Lincoln, Gainsborough, Market Rasen, Sleaford) of which Lincoln (West Parade) is the Divisional Headquarters and South Division (covering Grantham, Spalding and Stamford) of which Grantham is the Divisional Headquarters).

Sleaford was moved from the South Division to the West Division in 2006 under plans to bring Policing areas in line with Local Authority Areas.


Lincolnshire Constabulary was formed in 1856 under the County and Borough Police Act 1856. [] Several other borough police forces used to exist in the county, but these were eventually combined with the Lincolnshire force. Under the Police Act 1946, Boston Borough Police and Grantham Borough Police were merged, while Lincoln City Police and Grimsby Borough Police were absorbed under the Police Act 1964. Lincolnshire lost part of its area to the new Humberside Police in 1974.

In 1965, the force had an establishment of 918 officers and an actual strength of 883. ["The Thin Blue Line", Police Council for Great Britain Staff Side Claim for Undermanning Supplements, 1965]

Proposals made by the Home Secretary on March 20, 2006 would have seen the force merge with the other four East Midlands forces to form a strategic police force for the entire region. [ [ BBC NEWS | Politics | Police forces 'to be cut to 24' ] ] These proposals were ended by John Reid in June 2006. [ [ BBC NEWS | Politics | Reid delays police merger plans ] ] The police authority received £287,600 from the Home Office for costs of preparing the ill-fated merger.

In 2008 the Lincolnshire Police Authority was unable to balance its books. They claim that they receive a grant from the government which is insufficient to provide efficient policing in Lincolnshire, due to the unfavourable working of the formula used by the government to assess police grants. The government does not agree. The authority decided to recoup the difference by making a massive 79% increase in its precept (the portion of Council Tax payable to the Police Authority). The government has announced its intention to "cap" this demand. [ [ Police chiefs to fight capping on tax] "Stamford Mercury"]


* Laurence Byford (former Chief Constable) - father of Mark Byford
* Arthur Troop - police sergeant who started the International Police Association on 1 January 1950, with initial resistance from his superiors. [ [ History of the International Police Association] ]

Chief Officers

* Richard Crompton Chief Constable appointed June 2008 [ [ New Chief Constable] "Lincolnshire Police"] , Deputy Chief Constable 2 August 2004 [ [ Lincolnshire Police Authority Appoints New Deputy Chief Constable] "Lincolnshire Police Authority"] to June 2008
* Tony Lake Chief Constable appointed 24 September 2003 [ [ Lincolnshire Police Authority Appoints New Chief Constable] "Lincolnshire Police Authority"] , retired June 2008
* Richard Childs QPM Chief Constable appointed 1998, retired Autumn 2003
* J P Bensley Chief Constable (in post 1993)


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