In the Mahābhārata, Hidimba ( _sa. हिडिम्‍बा) (sometimes called "Hidimbasura" and "Hdimba") was a rakshasa, the brother of Hidimbi and a forest dweller. He and his sister, Hidimbi were tempted at the sight of the Pandavas and wished to eat them. For this purpose Hidimbi changed herself into a beautiful woman and brought him near Hidimba. However, he came into conflict with Bhima and died in the conflict. As the brother of Hidimbi he was also the uncle of Ghatotkacha. He was reputed to be 8 cubits tall (12 feet tall for the 18-inch cubit conversion). Tradition states that Hidimba belonged to the Kirata tribe of eastern Nepal some scholars believe her as a belonging to the great Kachari tribe of Assam kamrup of which the Dimasas are descendents.

Hidimba temple, Manali

Hidimba temple, ManaliCurrently there are a few temples dedicated to Hidimba in Himachal Pradesh. The most famous Hidimba temple is in Manali. The temple houses chariots, a small statue and footprints. Hidimba is one of the most powerful and feared deities in Kullu valley. Every year the followers travel to the nearby town of Kullu to participate in the festival of Dussehra, where Hidimba's chariot leads a rally of gods from all over Kullu valley escorting the main chariot of Raghunath (Lord Rama). At the end of the seven day festivities on the "Lanka Dahan" day some sacrifices are made to Hidimba. Hidimbi's son Ghatotakacha is a popular deity in the nearby Banjar and Siraj valley.

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