call_letters = XHJCI-TV
(satellite of XEW-TV,
Mexico City, Mexico)

station_| station_slogan = "El Canal de las Estrellas es tu canal." ("The channel of the stars is your channel")
station_branding = "El Canal de las Estrellas" ("The channel of the stars")
analog = 32 (UHF)
digital = 29 (UHF)
affiliations = Televisa XEW
founded =
location = Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
callsign_meaning = XH Juarez ChIhuahua
owner = Televisa
effective_radiated_power = 1021 kW (analog)
homepage = [http://www.esmas.com/canal2/]

XHJCI-TV (Channel 32) is the Ciudad Juárez television station that is owned and operated by Televisa. The station rebroadcasts Mexico City's XEW-TV.

Digital Television

The station's digital channel is multiplexed:

This channel falsely identifies itself as XEPM on its digital channels.

While this channels calls itself HD, in actuality it has aired The HD Feed from Mexico City from 6-9PM Monday-Friday, for much of its existence. Due to this, many shows that were filmed in HD were shown partially or completely in stretched 4:3, some notable examples are Alma de Hierro, Pasión, the News with Joaquín López-Dóriga, the news with Lolita Ayala,and Primero Noticias.

This HD channel is criticized for its practice of airing a significant amount of 4:3 standard definition content stretched to 16:9 that some viewers have nicknamed Stretch-o-Vision.

on May 26, 2008 this channel started to show the HD channel signal sent by XEW HD 24 hours a day, until July 3, 2008 when for an unknown reason they turned it off and went back to schedule-vision. During this time period if a show was produced in HD, it was shown in HD.

On July 18, 2008 Perhaps based on fears at XEW-HD that the Beijing 2008 Olympics coverage may not be shown in HD, this channel started to show the HD channel signal from Mexico City 24 hours a day again. Until this day the channel is still operating that way.

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