Pasión (telenovela)

Pasión (telenovela)

infobox television
show_name = Pasión

caption =
format = Telenovela, Drama, Romance/Drama
picture_format = 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
runtime = 45 minutes
creator = Televisa
original story =
director =
executive_producer = Carla Estrada
starring = Susana Gonzalez
Fernando Colunga
Daniela Castro
Sebastian Rulli
theme_music_composer =
opentheme = "Pasión"
Performer = Sarah Brightman & Fernando Lima
country = flagicon|Mexico Mexico
language = Spanish
network = Televisa/Univision
first_aired = September 17 2007
last_aired =February 22 2008
num_episodes =95
preceded_by = Destilando Amor
followed_by = Fuego En La Sangre
website =
imdb_id =

Pasión (Passion) is the telenovela that began transmissions on September 17, 2007, in Mexico; XEW-TV, referred to as the Canal de las Estrellas. The novela is a production of Carla Estrada and the stars are Susana Gonzalez, Fernando Colunga, Sebastian Rulli, and Daniela Castro.


This passionate story begins in the romantic but very cruel age of Colonial Mexico. Camila Darién, daughter of Justo Darién, is celebrating her engagement to Santiago, the blacksmith of the village of San Fernando. But the party is interrupted by the men of Don Jorge Mancera y Ruiz, the tyrannical Lord of the town, who has asserted his "droit de seigneur". Santiago is then wounded in the back, and Camila is taken away by the men to Don Jorge's mansion. Justo and Santiago's mother go to the mansion in order to stop Don Jorge from raping Camila. Don Jorge, however, is too drunk and cannot successfully sleep with Camila. He allows Camila to leave on her word that she will never speak of what truly happened that night. Camila is then kidnapped by pirates, raped and sold as a slave in the island of La Mariana to the elderly Don Timoteo de Salamanca. While there, she lives with Timoteo's blind and therefore ignored daughter Lisabeta and his sister who cares for her.

Don Timoteo then teaches her to act like a lady by taking art and etiquette classes. But Camila still misses her family back home and plans to run away by wearing male clothes and boarding a ship. She is later found by Don Timoteo who takes her home and punishes her by not letting her go out of his house. Camila gets outraged when she finds out that her only way to earn freedom is by Don Timoteo dying and wishes for his end. As a way for Don Timoteo's fortune to not fall in hands of his nephew Ricardo or "Antillano" (who has been forced into pirating because he has been accused of killing a pregnant woman), he forces Camila to marry him. Don Timoteo then becomes desperate for a male heir and forces Camila to have sex with him but he gets a sudden heart attack and dies without consummating the marriage.

Camila is then left with a great fortune, but there is a clause in the will that states that she can't give the inheritance away or her freedom will be revoked and she will face eternal slavery. She then becomes loathed by Don Timoteo's sister and blind daughter who swear to take the inheritance from her at any cost. Camila leaves the city with two friends she met while under captivity. She decides to enjoy her liberty and new found fortune. Camila returns to her village to find Santiago married to her sister. Santiago explains that his mother and her father arranged the marriage in order to distract Santiago from Camila's 'death.' Though she gets very upset and heart broken, there is nothing she can do out of respect to her sister. Although their new relationship of sister and brother-in-law crosses the line once or twice, it remains neutral throughout the story. Camila's sister, Rita, however, who had manipulated events in order to marry Santiago, for whom she's had an obsession over since childhood, is not happy with Camila's return, and fears for her shaky marriage.

She later buys a house in San Fernando and asks Santiago to help her in fixing some problems with the house. But this later makes all the townsfolk think that something is going on with Camila and Santiago. They don't know what to do because Rita is becoming increasingly angry and jealous over Santiago's confession that he still loved Camila. But Santiago can't help but still love Camila and vice versa. Meanwhile, Ricardo has promised his dying mother to reclaim the fortune given to Camila (because Don Timoteo had stolen it from Ricardo's father) and travels to San Fernando with his blind cousin Lisabeta (who is in love with him) and Aunt (who schemed with Timoteo to ruin the young, once playboy Ricardo out of jealousy of their brother). Ricardo's appearance is greatly changed. His hair is cut and he, along with his fiercely loyal best-friend Mario (who is also a pirate) are given a drastic wardrobe change. The pirate is now a noble. He also goes under a pseudonym so his last name, Salamanca, does not give away his relations to Camila's deceased husband. Once Ricardo arrives in San Fernando, he begins a friendship with Don Jorge, even being considered as a potential husband for Don Jorge's flamboyant daughter, Ursula, who has been secretly meeting with Camila's older brother for one-night stands. He then begins to court Camila in order to get her money but ends up falling in love with her, despite his aunt and cousin's disapproval. Lisabeta then becomes increasingly jealous towards Camila and her ire burns towards the unsuspecting Camila. But soon, Ricardo's secret is revealed by Santiago (because of jaleousy). Trying to get away with Camila, Ricardo is shot. He survives, but since he's away from Camila, she doesn't know that. Meanwhile, she's hiding in another village because of the pregnancy "and that will bring shame to the family Darien (as her father states)". When Santiago is offical Don Jorge's son, his wife, Rita, enjoys too much in the glory. One day, she and Ursula go riding horses when Alberto arrives and causes an accident with big consequences for Rita and her family - she dies. Since Alberto's plan is working, he wants to force his daughter, Manuela (who's in love with Ascanio), to marry him, but Santiago considers Camila for his wife. Meanwhile, Lisabeta (now Alberto's wife) is planning on kidnapping Camila's baby (by paying one lady to convince her that her son's dead), just because it's Ricardo's "as the only thing is left from him (not knowing that he's alive)". When he returns, Lisabeta finds out that he's alive and escapes from San Fernando with Pedrito (Ricardo and Camila's son), but Ricardo succeeds to find her. Meanwhile, all pirates who gave up from piracy, they lives are spared, but that was before the attack on Puerto Paraiso (which was organized by Ricardo, as duty to repay to John Foreman for the borrowed money for Camila's release). But the king will spare his life when he gives the documents that proove that Mancera and Lafont attacked the caravans. So now he can use his real surname and marry for real with Camila.


* German Robles
* Eric del Castillo
* Isela Vega
* Luis Jose Santander
* Emoé de la Parra
* Aurora Clavel
* Tina Romero
* Rafael Inclán
* Toño Mauri
* Rafael Inclán
* Yoshio
* Evelyn Solares
* Paco Ibáñez
* Chao
* Hugo Macías
* Sheyla
* Olivia Gorra
* Alejandro Ávila
* Andrés Zuno
* Iliana de la Garza
* Jorge Trejo
* José Antonio Barón
* Luis Reynoso
* Martín Ferro
* Rocío Gallardo
* Xorge Noble
* Maya Ricote Rivero


* Pasión website at []
* [ Telenovela Pasión] Página no oficial

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