name = "Pionus"

image_width = 250px
image_caption = White-crowned Parrot, "Pionus senilis"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Psittaciformes
familia = Psittacidae
subfamilia = Psittacinae
tribus = Arini
genus = "Pionus"
genus_authority = Wagler 1832

subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = "P. menstruus"
"P. sordidus"
"P. maximiliani"
"P. senilis"
"P. tumultuosus"
"P. seniloides" (species or subspecies)
"P. chalcopterus"
"P. fuscus"

"Pionus" is a genus of medium-sized parrots native to Central and South America. Characteristic of the genus are the chunky body, bare eye ring, (which can vary in color), and short tail. They are superficially similar to Amazon parrots, but smaller. Coloration is generally subdued yet complex; under bright lighting, their feathers shimmer with iridescent brilliance. All species share a the bright red undertail coverts; the scientific name of one species, the Blue-headed Parrot ("P. menstruus"), refers to this. Males and females are similar, with no notable sexual dimorphism.


* Blue-headed Parrot (or Blue-headed Pionus), "Pionus menstruus"
* Red-billed Parrot (or Red-billed Pionus, Coral-billed Parrot, Coral-billed Pionus), "Pionus sordidus"
* Scaly-headed Parrot (or Scaly-headed Pionus, Maximilian's Pionus, Maximilian's Parrot), "Pionus maximiliani"
* White-crowned Parrot (or White-crowned Pionus), "Pionus senilis"
* Speckle-faced Parrot (or Speckle-faced Pionus), "Pionus tumultuosus"
** Plum-crowned Parrot (or Plum-crowned Pionus), "Pionus (tumultuosus) tumultuosus"
** White-capped Parrot (or White-headed Pionus), "Pionus (tumultuosus) seniloides"
* Bronze-winged Parrot (or Bronze-winged Pionus), "Pionus chalcopterus"
* Dusky Parrot (or Dusky Pionus), "Pionus fuscus"


"Pionus" parrots are regarded as excellent pets, although some species are very rare in captivity. Most commonly kept species are the Blue-headed, Maximillian (Scaly-headed) and White-capped. Others, such as the Dusky and the Bronze-winged have become more common due to captive breeding.

"Pionus" parrots are quieter than Amazon Parrots.cite book |first = David| last = Alderton | title = The ultimate encyclopedia of caged and aviary birds | isbn = 184309164X |pages= p. 228| publisher = Hermes House |location = London, England | year = 2003] Unlike some other companion parrots, aviculturists have noted that they are not particularly energetic, and do not generally enjoy hands-on play (for example, being flipped on their backs), but they do provide companionship and are described as gentle and charming pets.

When excited or frightened, birds of this genus emit a characteristic wheezing or snorting sound that is sometimes mistaken for a sign of distress, or a symptom of disease. They also give off a musky or sweet odor that some caretakers find unpleasant, but others enjoy.

"Pionus" parrots are susceptible to obesity, vitamin A deficiency, and aspergillosis in captivity. These conditions, with the exception of aspergillosis, are easily prevented.



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