Girl (disambiguation)

Girl (disambiguation)

A girl is a young female human.

Girl may also refer to:


* "Girl" (The Beatles song)
* "Girl" (Beck song)
* "Girl" (Destiny's Child song)
* "Girl" (The Time song)
* "Girl" (Paul Wall song)
* "Girls" (Beenie Man song)
* "Girls" (David Bowie song), co-written by David Bowie for Tina Turner, later recorded by Bowie
** "Girls" (Tina Turner song)
* "Girls" (D12 song)
* "Girls" (The Prodigy song)
** "Girls"/"Memphis Bells", an earlier release of the single
* "The Girls" (song), by Calvin Harris
* "Girls" (Sugababes song)
* "Girl", by Prince, the B-side of the single "America"
* "Girl", by Robots in Disguise from their album "Get RID!"
* "Girl", by the Stereophonics from their album "Language. Sex. Violence. Other?"
* "Girls", by Beastie Boys from their album "Licensed to Ill"
* "Girls", by Fabolous from his album "Real Talk"
* "Girls", by Diana Ross from her album "Ross"

* "Girl" (Eskimo Joe album)
* "Girl" (Dannii Minogue album)

* Girl (band), an English all-male glam rock band
* The Girls (1960s band), an American pop group
* The Girls, an American West Coast punk band associated with The Screamers
* The Girls, an American punk band from Boston that included Mark Dagley, later of Pothole Skinny

Television and film

* "Girl" (film), a 1998 film starring Dominique Swain
* "The Girl" (film), a 2000 film directed by Sande Zeig
* "The Girls" (1968 film), US and UK title for "Flickorna", a film directed by Mai Zetterling
* "Girls" ("Serial Experiments Lain" episode), an episode of the anime "Serial Experiments Lain"


* "Girls" (comics), a comic series published by Image Comics
* "The Girl", a novel by Meridel Le Sueur
* "The Girls" (novel), by Lori Lansens
* "The Girls", a novel by Edna Ferber

Other uses

* Girl (Chinese constellation), one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations, equivalent to Aquarius
* Girl Skateboard Company, an American skateboard company
* Girls, Inc., a non-profit education and advocacy group
* GIRL, a common acronym that stand for Guy In Real Life in MMO games.

ee also

* Girls Girls Girls

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